How To Skin Salmon

Place the fish skin side down on a cutting board. If you are right handed, placed the narrower side of the fish on the right. (Of course, you would do the opposite if you are left-handed). With a sharp knife, make an incision in the corner of the fillet, creating a flap.With your left hand, take a firm hold of the flap and hold it taut while you hold the knife almost parallel to the board and carefully cut the fish fillet away from the skin. I am just holding up the fillet from the skin to demonstrate – while cutting, the knife needs to be almost parallel to the board. 1 204It should easily be cut off in one piece.1 205

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  1. Lily B says

    Or, just toss it on searing hot skillet skin down for 10 sec or so and peal skin off with hands (: Key is to heat skin enough to peal off and not start to cook fish itself. Easy. Blessings.

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