A Meal Planning System That Works!

I’m so excited to share that my course, Real Life Meal Planning is open!

I am teaching this course not because my life is perfectly planned out and flows like clockwork, but because I have plenty of experience cooking and taking care of my home in the midst of a chaotic schedule.

I’m not going to show you steps 1-5 of how to have a perfectly scheduled life, but I’ll help you plan meals and create useful routines in the midst of real life, which is never perfect.

Why You Should Join:

  • Do you long to have more time for the things that really matter to you? Do you want to be more efficient in the kitchen?
  • I’m going to help you create helpful routines and get organized WITHOUT perfection and unachievable ideals. Forget Pinterest Perfect – we’re going to focus on making this work in YOUR life, just the way it is today.
  • This is the most realistic and practical course on both the physical parts of running a home and simplifying everything kitchen related. We also go deeper and talk about creating a warm and welcoming environment in your home, cooking during really challenging seasons in your life, and how to avoid burnout as a homemaker.
  • Whether you love to cook and want to take your role as CEO of your home to a new level or you don’t enjoy cooking and want to become more efficient so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen every day, this course is for you.


Topics Covered in this course:

  • Meal Planning 101 (The Easiest Method of Menu Planning that you can actually stick with.)
  • Building Your Pantry (Pantry Essentials, a video tour of Olga’s pantry)
  • Freezer Guide (What and How to Freeze Food, a video tour of Olga’s freezer.)
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • How To Store Groceries So They Stay Fresh Longer
  • Meal Prep (What to Meal Prep and How to Store, Meal Prep With Olga)
  • Cooking For Company (Tips, how to prep, Menu plan with grocery list and prep list for a company meal with a video of Olga preparing for company)
  • Cook Once, Eat Twice (Repurpose Leftovers, Terrific Leftovers and Freezer Friendly Meals)
  • Meal Planning in a Crisis (Survival Guide When Going Through Hard Times, How To Support Your Loved Ones When They are having challenging circumstances)
  • Fall In Love With Your Home (Avoid Burnout, Create a Life giving Home)

What’s Included In the Course? How Does It Work?

  • 20 + professionally filmed videos on every single topic listed above.
  • Support material for all the topics – downloadable pdfs to make it even more helpful and applicable.
  • The videos and pdfs are all on a separate website that you will have access to for an entire year. You can watch at your own pace, whether you want to binge watch the videos, or follow along at a slower pace.
  • To make all of this even more doable and give you motivation and accountability, you will have access to a private Facebook group where I will regularly share content as well as live videos every week for the first 9 weeks on all the topics. I will walk you through everything step by step, week by week, sharing tips and encouragement, answering your questions.
  • No Facebook? No Problem! I save all the live videos and upload the replays to the website as well, so you won’t miss out on anything.
  • I’m always more than happy to provide additional support and help you brainstorm.

When Does It Start?

Enrollment for the course will end September 6, 2020. We will start the course on September 9, 2020.

Members of the course will have access to all the videos, the support material and the private Facebook group until September 30, 2020.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer.

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