Celebrating Ariella’s 1st Birthday

This Saturday, my beautiful niece, Ariella, turned 1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be part of the celebration, but thanks to the wonders of technology, I feel like I was there. Isn’t it awesome that we can instantly share pictures with each other many miles apart, of wonderful moments sent through the phone, email, social media? Elina generously agreed to let me share some of the party photos with all of you,  in case you need any ideas for your next party or just want to see some pictures of cute little kiddos.

It seems like yesterday that we were welcoming Ariella Tatyana into this world and she is already 1 year old. Time sure flies, as I’m sure most of you can agree with.

It was so clever of Elina to decorate the place with balloons and tissue paper pom poms. It looks so festive and bright, but the decorations aren’t taking up any precious space.

Limited space and an abundance of guests? Use your ceiling for decorations. IMG_5910 (500x333)

IMG_5899 (500x333) Menu:

IMG_0211 (550x359)

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Cutlets (550x382)

IMG_4463 (550x367)

Russian Salad Olivie (550x381)

IMG_0248 (550x367)

IMG_0089 (550x367)Not pictured:

  • Corn on the Cob
  • Crab Salad

Desserts and Drinks:

  • Kvas (Russian beverage)
  • Watermelon
  • Mint LemonadeIMG_1578 (500x334)
  • Birthday Cake (Marble Cake with Cream Cheese frosting and fresh raspberries)

The star of the show. Isn’t it beautiful? Look at all the details, the smooth fondant, the pretty colors. You can definitely tell that Mommy was pouring her whole heart into creating a masterpiece for her daughter.

IMG_5932 (500x330)

IMG_5930 (500x333)

IMG_5927 (500x333)


photo (7) (374x500)


Elina also made these pretty cookies as party favors, but alas, with all the commotion, the food, and the fun, the cookies were forgotten. If you were at the party, Stop by for your cookie. Just kidding.


  • Eclair Cake – My little sister, Karina, made this new cake. It was loved by all.photo (11) (374x500)
  • Lemon Cupcakes

IMG_5924 (500x329)

IMG_5923 (500x333)

  • Raspberry Pretzel Jello – Karina also made this jello. You can find a similar recipe on Natasha’s Kitchen.photo (1) (374x500)
  • Peach Mousse Jello. Isn’t it cute served individually like that? The cups are plastic, so they look pretty, but at the same time, kid-friendly too.

IMG_5922 (500x333)

IMG_5920 (500x333)The most amazing thing to consider is that there wasn’t an army of people preparing all this deliciousness and decorating the place. It was 2 incredible superwomen, Elina and Mom, with Karina giving a hand with some of the desserts.

IMG_1867 (374x500)

photo (12) (374x500)Isn’t it funny how the girls aren’t interested in looking at the camera in both the family pictures?IMG_5993 (500x333)IMG_5983 (1) (500x333)

The beautiful birthday girl got tired.

What a fun, satisfying but exhausting day!



  • Natasha

    Happy birthday to your niece, Olga! May she always be safe, healthy and surrounded by her loved ones!
    I wish I could be so creative when it comes to decorating! Everything looks so bright and festive. The dessert table looks amazing!
    Would you be able to share the recipe of the kvas?

    • olgak7

      They did a great job decorating and cooking. I’ll definitely share the recipe for kvas soon:). It’s one of our favorites to serve at parties.

  • Oksana

    What a beautiful party! I love the peach mousse jello. How did your sister make that??!?! It looks scrumptious!

  • Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com

    Happy birthday to the little darling; that last picture of her was so so sweet. 🙂 What a fun party! It looks like you put a lot of love into it. Great job on the amazing menu!

  • Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com

    Oh I just read that you weren’t able to be at the party. 🙁 That’s always a bummer. I missed my nieces b-day party a couple weeks ago, but it was so nice to see photos after the fact. Did you work?

    • olgak7

      Actually, Natasha, I live in FL and my sister and her family live in NY, so we rarely get to celebrate birthdays together. My parents and little sister live there too, so I am especially thankful for technology. It’s amazing that we get to stay connected so many miles away.

  • Shirley

    Happy Birthday to Ariella….Lovely party. Party theme was cool yellow n pink. Hats off to the superwomen.

  • natasha

    That birthday cake is gorgeous! Elina got some talent. My son’s 1st birthday is this Friday, half of the party menu is from your awesome website 🙂

    • olgak7

      Elina sure is talented!
      I’m so honored that you will be using some of my recipes for your party. Enjoy. Birthday parties for little ones are so much fun.

  • Alena

    awee:) very cute, love it!!! Happy bday to the lil cutie:) mine is turning 1 next month and lots of ideas for me now:) thank you and also would u mind sharing the recipe for that raspberry frosting for the chocolate cupcakes she had? if poss, thank you:)

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