How To Store Fresh Fish

I try to prepare fresh fish the same day that I buy it or the next day at the latest. I am so paranoid about the fish spoiling.

However, sometimes life happens and cooking it the same day is not possible or convenient. If you have to store fish overnight in the refrigerator, here’s how to do it.

Place a layer of ice in a rimmed container. I usually use a glass baking dish. Place the fish in a sealed bag and place it on top of the ice.

storing fresh fish (500x333)

Why does this work so well?

  • The fish will stay really cold, without freezing, which helps to preserve its freshness longer.
  • Storing the fish in a sealed bag will prevent if from getting waterlogged as the ice will slowly melt.
  • The fish is tightly sealed, which means your refrigerator will not smell fishy. HUGE benefit.

It couldn’t be easier.

I wouldn’t recommend storing the fish this way longer than 1-2 days.


  • Demelzabunny

    “its freshness” should not have an apostrophe.
    “It’s” means “it is,” which doesn’t fit here; you need the possessive form “its,” as in “The ice preserves ITS freshness,” meaning the freshness belongs to the fish (“it”).

  • Oksana

    If you or someone you know fish a lot and actually catch more than you can eat, one way to store fish in the freezer is to seal it in a container/ziplock bag in milk. This will keep the fish from smelling “fishy”.
    Thanks for this tip though. I never thought of putting it on ice. That’s why we read your blog though, for easy and better solutions. 🙂

    • olgak7

      I’ve never tried that, Cassandra. I don’t usually freeze fish, but if I ever do, I’ll have to try it out. Although it seems to me that the fish may be very watery, no? That’s what I typically find when I use frozen fish, it’s very watery and I have to squeeze a lot of water out with paper towels before I can cook it.

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