My Husband’s Favorite Food

Happy Birthday to the most incredible man on this earth, my husband, Sergi!IMG_4693 (390x500)

I’ve wanted to do a post dedicated to my husband for quite a while, but kept putting it off, since it’s such a daunting task. It seems as though no amount of words will do him justice. I thank God every day for blessing my life with such a great man by my side. It’s kind of neat that we celebrate our birthdays the same week and our anniversary a few weeks later. On the 18th of this month, we will be married for 7 years.

These 7 years have been really wonderful. Even though we’ve gone thorough many hardships and sorrows together, but that only brought us closer to each other. We’ve also shared beautiful moments, lots of laughter and simply enjoyed being together. It’s awesome to be married to your best friend. We always have so much fun together. Even his corny jokes are so delightful to me.our_new_family_life_031_copy (500x375)

The first thing that attracted me to him when we met many years ago was his maturity. He was always such a gentleman, well mannered and polite. He is such a kind person and is always willing to help. Sometimes, a little too much:).

I absolutely love his personality. He is so calm, stable and responsible. By his side, I always feel safe, secure, cherished and protected.

He understands me like no one else and knows exactly what to say to make me smile, feel better or to challenge and inspire me. In our darkest days he was my rock and my hero. Not many men would have the courage and strength to not only go through what he did but to excel with such grace.

I’m proud to be his wife and my most satisfying role is to be his helper. I admire his hard working and winning spirit. He is always striving to do his absolute best no matter what he is doing and is one of the best employees in his company. He deserves all the recognition he gets and more. He is respected and held in high regard for a reason. This year he got promoted because his company managers and owners saw his consistent competence and excellence and knew he had even more potential to bring more growth to his company.

He is supportive of all my crazy ideas and because of his encouragement, I have the ability to persevere and not give up. He believes in me, doesn’t complain about my workaholic tendencies and also immerses himself to help me in any way he can. This blog would not be possible without him.

I look forward to our future together and hope to celebrate many, many birthdays to come.

Of course, you all know that the most important person that I cook for is my husband. I am so relieved that I didn’t get a picky eater for a husband. I’m not sure if I could have managed that:). Sergi is always very appreciative of my cooking, and even if something doesn’t turn out he’ll never say anything negative. BUT, I can read him like a book by now and can tell when he doesn’t like something.  Even if I like to eat something that he isn’t a fan of, it just isn’t that much fun to cook it just for myself. I’m so thrilled when I cook something that he raves about.IMG_2959 (500x333)

I asked Sergi to tell me what his favorite food is and this is the list he gave me.

Sergi’s Top 20 Favorites

  1. English MuffinsEnglish Muffins (550x367)

  2. Buttermilk PancakesIMG_4599 (550x365)

  3. Avocado Breakfast SandwichesIMG_0167 (550x367)

  4. Crispy Buffalo Chicken WingsCrispy Buffalo Chicken Wings (550x367)
  5. Tomato, Roasted Corn and Avocado SaladTomato, Roasted Corn and Avocado Salad (550x367) (2)

  6. Potato Bacon PieIMG_4310 (550x357)

  7. Chicken and DumplingsIMG_4517 (550x367)

  8. Russian Meatball SoupRussian Meatball Soup (550x367)

  9. Potato and Chicken CasseroleIMG_6410 (550x367) (2)

  10. Stuffed Chicken MarsalaIMG_9983 (550x367)

  11. Rustic Chicken With Carrots and OnionsRustic Chicken With Carrots and Onions (550x399)

  12. Chicken SaltimboccaChicken Saltimbocca (550x367)

  13. Cheesy Baked SalmonBaked Salmon Fillet With Cheesy Crust (500x334)

  14. Bang Bang ShrimpBang Bang Shrimp (550x350)

  15. Pumpkin CheesecakeIMG_8184 (550x359)

  16. Cannoli CakeCannoli Cake (550x455)

  17. Piece of Cake” CakeRaspberry Piece of Cake Cake (550x353)

  18. Chocolate Brownies with ice creamLuscious Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Sauce (2)

  19. Cheese BlintzesCheese Blintzes With Cherry Sauce 2 (550x367)

  20. Cinnamon BunsCaramel Pecan Cinnamon Buns (550x367)

Hope you enjoyed that little peak into what my husband likes for me to cook. Try them out, maybe your husbands will like them too.


  • Valentin

    Outstanding post Olga!! Sergi is truly one of the best men I know and look up to. I take example from his steadfastness in his priorities and devotion to God first and then to you and everything else after that. I really admire his courage that you spoke of and his unrelenting admiration of you.

    • olgak7

      You’re absolutely right, Valentin. Sergi is so steadfast and I really admire his values and how he always has his priorities right. He is an incredible husband.

  • Elina

    Beautiful post, Olga:) The love you two share is so evident in every picture I see and in every word I hear. You are truly blessed by each other and most importantly, by Jesus:)

  • Sergi K

    Thank you for awesome wishes. But most of all am thankful for you, Olechka. Your food is amazing, your taste is perfect and you do know me pretty well. I admire your dedication and character.

  • Oksana

    Happy Birthday Sergi. May God’s Blessings be upon you always. As the head of the family the man has many responsibilities, and sounds like you are meeting those. Olga is a blessed woman to have you. It is important to support your wife in many ways, I know because my husband sounds a lot like you. And he likes your wife’s recipes also: just today I baked bread and the bulochki are in the oven as I write this.
    Celebrate every day that God is giving you!

  • Ruslana

    I don’t know you guys personally ( just read your recipes from time to time 😉 but I enjoyed reading this post it’s so nice I hear about happy families that last. I wanted to wish you guys many more happy days to come, may God bless you !!!

  • Shirley

    Happy Birthday Sergi…May God bless u more and more. You both make a great couple and inspiration to many people. I like when you both admire eachother.

  • natasha

    A happy married life is something to cherish and be thankful for every single day of our life. Happy birthday to both of you!!

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