How To Seed Tomatoes

How To Seed Tomatoes-1-10For many recipes, tomatoes need to be seeded – which means getting rid of all the seeds.

Why is that important?

Tomato seeds and the gel that surrounds them have a lot of liquid. I love juicy tomatoes when I am enjoying them in a salad, or simply with some salt and pepper. However, if you add tomatoes with all that liquid to some recipes, you will have a leaky mess on your hands. For example, if you use them in an omelet with the seeds, the omelet will be very watery and eek out liquid, which isn’t appetizing, is it? Or if you’re roasting tomatoes with other vegetables, they will steam instead of roast, etc. 

Here’s a handy trick to to get all those seeds out – with just a few shakes of your hand, all the troublesome seeds will be out of there.

Start by cutting the tomato in half, straight down the middle, not from pole to pole. You will see all these lovely little pockets inside the tomato. How To Seed Tomatoes-1-2Squeeze the tomato gently while holding it in your hand and shake it a few times right above the sink. Most of the seeds and the tomato gel will come right out, leaving you with the flesh of the tomato only. How To Seed Tomatoes-1-4

How To Seed Tomatoes-1-6

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How To Seed Tomatoes-1-10


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