Baby Shower For Valentin III

Baby Shower Valentin III-1-13Two weeks ago we had a baby shower for my soon-to-be born nephew, Valentin III. It was hosted by my sister-in-law’s family, and they did a phenomenal job on the food, activities and decorations. It was a beautiful shower. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling quite up to par, so I don’t have all the juicy details that I normally pay attention to and take pictures of, like the food, beautiful decorations and all the games. In fact, I just sat like a bump on the log the whole time:(.

All of my Floridian siblings with their spouses were there and my parents were visiting from New York too, so it was wonderful to reconnect with everyone again.

Baby Shower Valentin III-1
My parents enjoyed every second possible with their granddaughter, Madeline.

My parents enjoyed every second possible with their granddaughter, Madeline.

I have a few pictures from the shower that I wanted to share with you.

When we saw the backdrop for the first time, our jaws just dropped open from amazement. My brother, Valentin II, made the blackboard himself and illustrated it too. He is so talented. I’m thinking of hiring him to design my nursery too:). I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, so I really admire anyone who is gifted in that realm.Baby Shower Valentin III-1-30
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-10
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-11
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-9
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-8
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-7
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-12One of the activities was for all the guests to design a onesie for the coming baby. There were many creative minds there for sure. Baby Shower Valentin III-1-5
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-4
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-3Baby Valik will be arriving before we know it and we are all so excited to meet our nephew. Vitaliya, my sister-in-law, recently had a 4D ultrasound done of him, and we just gushed over all the cute pictures. Isn’t he absolutely precious?
Baby Shower Valentin III-1-31Can you believe all the details and facial features that you can clearly see while the little guy is still inside his mother? Amazing. Children are such  a miracle. They are an intricate work of God’s hand. Sergi and I are especially looking forward to his arrival, since he will be only 3 months older than our own son, Nathaniel. It will be wonderful for him to have a cousin so close in age. I am sure they will be best buddies, almost like twin brothers.



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