Early Summer Happenings

IMG_5946This time of year is so much fun and full of awesome events and celebrations for our family.

My parents, sister, Karina, and her husband Eddie came for a visit. I LOVE hanging out with my family. Whenever our NY family comes for a visit, we pretty much hang out together with all my Florida siblings all week too. PicMonkey Collage1 copyWe celebrated my niece’s first birthday. She is such a happy, spunky and beautiful little girl. Madelinesbirthday copyMeanwhile, in New York, my other niece, Ariella, turned 3. These two girlies share the same birthday. Ariesbirthday copySince they celebrated the birthdays on different weekends, Dad, Mom, Karina and Eddie got to be a part of both birthdays.

My husband and I both have birthdays the first week of June. How fun is that? It’s become a tradition for Sergi to take me out for a special dinner on my birthday and I cook him a birthday dinner at home. Early Summer Happenings-1Since his birthday was on a Sunday this year, he got the royal treatment – not only did I make dinner for him, but I also made him a fancy breakfast too. I love spoiling my husband with some great food. I’ve figured out that the way I show my love to people is to feed them:).

Sergisbirthday copyWe also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We went out for a lovely dinner at a restaurant that had a water view. I am so thankful to have such an amazing man to share my life with and look forward to many more happy years together. It’s a blessing to go through life with your best friend, sharing both the good times and the bad and growing together as individuals and as a family.

Anniversary copyIn health news, I am successfully off the TPN (intravenous nutrition). Just as soon as I was able to gain back the weight I lost after the pregnancy and birth, I’ve been off of it and able to maintain the weight.

My electrolytes are another matter, though, and we are still working hard to get those to a normal level. I am still getting some IV magnesium a few times a week, so my PICC line is still in place. I am really looking forward to getting my arms back. To give myself a little celebration to look forward to, I went to a LUSH store and purchased a few bath products. FullSizeRender-3Once the PICC line is out, I will enjoy some awesome baths, and keep those arms all the way submerged until I turn into a raisin. It’s a bit of a challenge keeping that thing out of the water now. It will also mean I can go swimming, which would be nice, since it’s hot in Florida right now. All in all, I am doing SO much better and am so grateful to be out and about, even though I get dehydrated and really worn out very easily. I guess it’s ok to miss out on all the water activities, since I get depleted of electrolytes so much easier when it’s hot. It’s safer for me to hibernate indoors for now.

I am cooking a lot more now too, which is a great way for me to feel normal. 29 Things I'm Thankful For-1-15I don’t do too well with most store bought or restaurant food anyway, so homemade food is a necessity for me to feel good and get enough proper nutrients. Whenever we go out to eat, I have to be particularly careful with what I order, but by now I’ve become an expert at knowing what is safe and what is risky. I never thought that I would still be recuperating 4 months after delivery.  It sure would be nice to feel good most of the time, not just a few times a week. I would appreciate your continued prayers so I can finally get rid of my PICC line, have more energy and feel like my normal self again.

Nathaniel is growing so quickly and is such a joy for Sergi and I. Since he spent his first 10 days in the NICU, we’ve been carefully monitoring him, but he is 100% healthy and after some precautionary pediatrician appointments and lab work, the doctors were all happy to report that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned with. We thank God all the time for this miracle.

Declared perfectly healthy at the pediatrician's office. Praise God!

Declared perfectly healthy at the pediatrician’s office. Praise God!

We are so thankful for a healthy child. It is such a blessing.

Nathaniel loves when we read to him, sing to him, and is now playing with toys too. This boy has such a strong grip and loves tugging on things and definitely putting everything in his mouth. His favorite thing to pull on turns out to be my hair, so lately I’ve been wearing it up a lot more. He is my little buddy, going everywhere with on on errands and is a champion grocery shopper, although he is not too fond of the car seat:(.

I am already letting him try different foods and it seems like he will be a great eater. This little guy loves everything we put in his mouth. Of course, at this point he is only 4 months and gets all his nutrients from formula and food is just for fun. He especially loves bananas and avocados. We just let him try different foods that we are eating and he figured out how to eat and swallow from the very first bite. I sure am a proud Mama.

I absolutely adore his babbling and cooing. He loves to squeal and does it all the time, from both joy and frustration. We love to see his personality starting to shine through. Familylife copy

We even had a wedding reception for one of Sergi’s brothers at our house this past month. It turned out to be a very lovely, intimate and beautiful celebration. wedding copy

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our life. I hope you have a happy weekend and are enjoying your summer. FamilyEvening copy



  • Lana

    Hi Olga, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I was thinking if you could create a special tab and include all of the purée food that you are or will be making for your little angel? What do you think? I think it would help a lot of people, who lack the imagination for food creativity (aka me). Hope you consider it, thank you again for all the wonderful recipes 🙂

    • olgak7

      That’s a wonderful idea, Lana. I’ll be sure to share once I start feeding Nathaniel more. Right now I don’t make any purees for him since he is really too young, just 4 months. We just give him things like banana, avocado, mashed potatoes and other things that we are eating ourselves, just mash it up for him. He’s really interested in food, so we like to give him some to experience different flavors and textures.

  • Marina

    Hey, Olga, glad you’re doing better! And you baby is adorable! My daughter didn’t like the car seat too and it was terrible driving around with her. Now that she is one, we switched to a front-facing one and it changed everything!!! So hang in there, he’ll enjoy the rides sooner or later 😉

  • LynneZ

    Olga – So very nice to read your blog. Glad to hear you are starting to feel good again and you and Sergi are enjoying him so much. Hang on to every lovely moment – they pass by way to quickly. Hope you can get off your PICC line soon. I will pray for you.

    • olgak7

      Thank you for the prayers, Lynne. I really appreciate it.
      You’re right. Time flies by so quickly. I am enjoying every moment with our baby boy. He is such a treasure.

  • maria

    Hi Olga! glad to hear that you’re doing better. Thank God. Wow its amazing to see that you had a wedding reception at your house. How many people did you serve?

  • Sashaa

    Hi Olga , so glad to hear you are feeling better ! Thank you for sharing with us , I love your updates and new baby pictures, he is so adorable , God Bless you guys !

  • Joyce

    Your story is so heart warming and encouraging to many. I know it encourages many of us to press on in hard times regardless! We all rejoice with you as you share the wonderful blessings of God in your lives. Bless you!

    • olgak7

      I am so glad my story can be an encouragement to others. God has been so good to me and I am very thankful. Thank you for taking the time to write, Joyce.

  • Alesia

    I love reading your life updates (= glad your doing well and getting better. Your little boy is such a cutie!
    side note: I have the same baby bag =D

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