Homemade Christmas Cookie Gifts

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-222In my family, we love to share Christmas cookies with family, friends, co-workers and many others. This year was no exception, and I thought I’d share what I did with you, just to give you some ideas. I do it differently every year, this is just how I happened to do it this time. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already saw sneak peaks of my baking marathon:).

What I baked:

I didn’t fill them, since they get soggy if not eaten shortly after. I love how they taste without the filling too.

IMG_5829 (550x367)

I actually used strawberry wafers to dredge the cookies in this time, so I had pretty pink little cookies.

IMG_0378 (550x367)

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-16

White Chocolate, Macadamia and Cranberry Blondies-1-22

Lemon Poppy Seed Cakes-1-44

  • Pretzel French Sable Cookies 
  • Black and White Sable Cookies

The recipe for both of these cookies can be found at America’s Test Kitchen. It IS a paid membership website, but this recipe is available for free for a limited amount of time.

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-4

My kitchen was transformed into a bakery, and I was seeing cookies in my sleep:).

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-23This year, I found these really convenient bakery boxes at The Container Store. They were the perfect size to store the cookies in and so convenient too. I’m a huge fan and I think I’ll be using them again next year. You buy them flat and then fold them into a box. Very convenient to store. I’m considering buying some to have on hand to give baked goodies as gifts throughout the year. They have many other size options in the store as well. Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-6I bought a bunch of festive tissue paper and lined the boxes with it.

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-8

I have a large collection of cupcake liners that I bought on sale a few years ago at Michaels, and I placed the different varieties of cookies into liners.

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-10This time of year, you can find many kinds of holiday themed bags that you can use to place the cookies in also. Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-12Other years, I would use a large and sturdy red plastic plate to put the cookies on and then wrap the plate of cookies in holiday themed plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon.

I also found these really cute labels at the same store. I just think they give just a nice personal touch to the box of cookies. The design of the label is absolutely in my style, elegant and sophisticated and not to cutesy:).  Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-2There are so many ways of presenting your homemade gift of the heart. The most important thing is that it’s given with love and your best wishes.  Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-20

Christmas Cookie Gifts-1-22

Here is a list of other cookie ideas that you can make. Between my mom, sisters and myself, we’ve made all of these to give as gifts for Christmas and they are a big hit. Of course, I don’t have the recipe of all the cookies that we bake on the blog here, but I’m sure I’ll be sharing more with you in the future.


  • Nina

    Hi, OLECHKA !!!

    Thanks much for such good idea for
    Christmas gifts. You explain everything!!!
    I will definitely bake some cookies for my coworkers and my friends from prayer group


    Big hugs too you and your loved ones.
    We love your site. It’s absolutely my favorite
    I wish you and your loved ones so many GOD BLESSINGS

  • jules4v

    Just stumbled on your page after reading Natasha’s Kitchen.I am so happy that you and your husband have made it through the rougher times in your marriage. You guys have been through so much. But through it all God has been your Rock like he said he would. I can sympathize with you about your health scare and losing a child. My husband and I are Ukrainian Baptist couple been married six years. We have been “foster parents” and now are “House parents”. We were the first Ukrainian couple in Philadelphia that Brought A little African American child to church or that we now of. I am glad to see a better church and family support system then we had. God is so powerful and is so merciful and gracious. People are broken and sinful that is why their is so much pain in this world. If you need to talk or have questions let me know. I would be happy to answer you some. Currently we have three boys and three girls. This past year we have cared for over 22 children and still trying to figure all of this out. God is our rock and strength and he is yours and that what makes is all worth while.We want to love like Christ loved us unconditionally. Merry Christmas May God Richly Bless you guys on this Journey .JV

    • olgak7

      Hi Jules4v!
      I’m thrilled to “meet” another family that is doing foster care too. We love it and are so glad that we started doing it. We just fall in love with all the kids and love having them part of our family. God is amazing and we couldn’t do it with out Him.
      God bless you and your awesome family!
      Merry Christmas!

    • jules4v

      Olga Merry Christmas and May God Bless your family. If you ever need or have any questions let me know. Being a foster parent is not easy. Dealing with birth parents is even harder. There is a lot of emotions involved. and if your curious about our story i can email it to you. God is awesome and he is their to carry us through the pain hurt and love. Many Blessings

  • Nataliya

    This is just what I was looking for, ideas for christmas cookies. Thank you Olga! I will definitely burrow few of your ideas;)

  • Oksana

    This is exactly what I started doing this past Monday. Some things can be baked ahead (like peaches), then assembled the day before or something. I also made your ezhiki, which taste amazing, I love how the cookie just melts as soon as I bite into it, its so soft. I also borrowed my mom’s ‘oreshnitsa’ to bake the nuts with. Oh and I did make your nutella cupcakes too, and some other items. Good idea for the boxes, I just used dollar store large red plates and wrapped it in the festive clear cellophane wrap.

  • Alla

    Looks beautiful and festive! Esp those little individual pies! I made your chocolate, caramel cranberry pastries for my neighbors this year…. Delicious! Thank you!

  • Mila

    Hi Olichka,
    First off…I wanted to say Merry Christmas of 2014….
    I wanted to let u know that you are such an inspiration to me.
    I have looked at your website for some christmas gift ideas and found just what I was looking for… this Christmas I have made baked goodies for 8 family and friends…
    I have made your
    1. Snicker bars
    2. Pecan tassies (substituted for almonds)
    3. Chocolate Shortbread bars
    4. Rogaliki (used different dough recipe)
    5. Plum coffee cake
    6. Ezhiki
    7. A honey cake (diff website)
    Did all that in 4 days with the help of your step by step instructions and pictures… I’m very excited to pass out the goodies to my loved ones….God bless you and your family dearly….

  • Katie Solovey

    Hi Olya!!
    Do you have a cookie recipe that you e tried specifically for using cookie cutter shapes to decorate with icing and sprinkles? I’m looking for a shortbread recipe or sugar cookie something that’s l easy and fun to do with kids. There are so many and last year I tried one but the dough was hard to work with and stayed very thin. Please help! Thank you! I looked through all your cookies but they are more fancier and not ones kids can really decorate.

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