Exciting Changes and Additions on the Website

You may have noticed that there have been quite a few changes to the blog lately. I’m really excited to share more details with you. I hope all these changes will make the blog better, more user-friendly and interactive.

  • At the top, you’ll notice all the social media buttons.

Join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. You’ll see behind the scene pictures, daily life and food, sneak peaks, links to great recipes, tips and fun videos that catch my eye on other great websites.

social media buttons (500x178)

  • You can also share your favorite recipes and tips with your friends using the handy social media buttons at the bottom of each post.

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  • Also, if you’d like to Pin any of the pictures to your Pinterest, just hover your mouse over the picture and a “Pin it” button will pop up in the right upper corner of the picture.

Pinit (500x281)Just click on it, and it will automatically fill in the title for you and you just have to pick the board where you want the picture to be be saved.

Thank you so much for everyone who shares my recipes or pins them to your boards. I feel so honored whenever I see this. You guys are awesome!

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  • There’s also Bloglovin.

This is such a great tool. I use it all the time to catch up on all my favorite blogs. It’s a website where you add all the blogs that you read and you can stay up to date with them in one convenient place. The new posts are all added in sequential order, and show up like in a feed, kind of like a Facebook page.

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  • There’s a handy dandy search box right at the top. I don’t think I have to explain that. You want to find something, type it in, click enter, results come up.

RSS feed 1 (500x169)

  • Don’t miss any new recipes and tips, by signing up for the free e-mail updates. You’ll get an e-mail every time I publish anything new. rss 4 (500x202)
  • I have also joined Ziplist, which will help all of you save all your favorite recipes.

All the recipes have a Save option in the printable recipe. If you want to save a recipe, simply click the Save button and it will be saved into your personal Recipe Box.

savebutton (500x281)At the top of the page, you’ll see a tab called Recipe Box. That’s where you would go if you quickly want to find recipe that you had saved. There is also a very convenient Shopping List, which will include all the ingredients that you’ll need for that particular dish in a shopping list for you.

recipe box 1 (500x169)

ziplist page (500x299)I saved the Ziplist app into my iphone, and I am so impressed with it. I add the things that I need to buy to my list and it organizes it for me. I can also conveniently look up my favorite recipes right on my phone, because many, many websites and blogs use Ziplist too, and you can save recipes from all these different sources in one convenient place. I love that.

  • Next up, my new Amazon Shop.

shop tab (500x169)I get asked quite often about the tools in my kitchen, so I decided to share the things that are in my kitchen and that I love. I recommend only the things that I use and love, or someone in my family owns and I’ve used. Sometimes the specific item that I own is not on Amazon, so I found the most similar item to it.

If I own an item and don’t like it 100%, I won’t recommend it until I find one that I love. That’s why you don’t see an electric griddle in the Shop, because I don’t like the one I have now. Whenever I buy one that works great, I’ll add it in.

I also included some of my favorite books. Yes, I read them all. Since I read A LOT, many people ask me for book recommendations.

shop (500x305)Disclosure: I do get a small commission from Amazon if you buy the item from my link. However, the prices are the exact same ones on Amazon, so you won’t be paying extra by buying through my site. If you find the item at a garage sale or just want to get the book in the library, that’s wonderful! Take advantage of that. I simply want to share the items that are great quality and I use on a regular basis. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

  • Last but not least, are you wondering what the Newsletter is all about?

newsletter (500x198)It’s an additional fun and educational email Newsletter that I’ll be sending out every week or two. It will include all the latest recipes and tips from the blog, plus cooking tips, short blurbs about my favorite tools and showcasing some of the ingredients in my pantry. There will also be a spot that will feature seasonal ingredients and post links to recipes that use those ingredients. I’ll also post links to a few recipes and videos that caught my eye, so you can try them/watch them too. I might include random pics and updates about my personal life. If you want to receive this newsletter, sign up right there.

Thank you so much for reading my recipes and articles and for sharing them with your family and friends. Thanks for taking the time to write comments and to send me e-mails. I love reading everything from all you wonderful folks. I try to answer all of them, so if I didn’t I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional. I appreciate you following me in the social media. You guys are an awesome group of people!

I will do my best to come up with great content and hope that it’s useful and enjoyable for all of you.


  • Milana

    Oh I love these add ins. Especially the pin it button haha my favorite! Thanks for making it user friendly 🙂 we appreciate it!

    All your loyal followers 🙂

    • olgak7

      The Pin It button is one of my favorite features. It makes pinning so much easier. Glad you like it too, Milana! I’m so thankful for loyal and encouraging people like you. It makes all the hard work worth it.

  • Oksana

    Olga that’s great. I love how both you and Natasha now have the Ziplist. I use that app all the time now. And I love your new simplified print version. I’m old school, and still love to have recipes physically in a binder.
    Besides having email I don’t do ANY social media, but will definitely sign up for your newsletter, that would be fun to get.
    I already looked through your recommended items and books. That’s pretty cool.
    Since you mentioned not having a griddle, I’ll tell you the kind I have and I love it. It was only $20 at Walmart, its a Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle. I went off the reviews, and for that price it’s a great deal. I bought few months ago especially for making your homemade english muffins and your ricotta cheese pancakes. But I find that I use that griddle daily for making breakfast of bacon and eggs.

    • olgak7

      That’s great to know, Oksana! I’ll look into the Presto Griddle. I use my griddle almost every weekend. We love our leisurely breakfasts:). A good quality griddle would be a great plus.
      I’m really enjoying Ziplist. It’s very user-friendly and a great tool.

  • Ashley

    Just found your blog through Money Saving Mom, and I have enjoyed browsing through it this afternoon. Your type of food is a little different that what I normally cook/grew up with, and I’m excited to try some new things. I love to entertain and have been in a bit of a slump lately, but you have inspired me to have some people over! Thanks for a great blog.

  • Nina

    Thanks much, Olga, for such a good explanation of many “computer tips” that you are using at your blog.
    You are pretty knowledgeable about all this “tricks”.

    Oh! I became addictive to your blogs by visiting almost every day and I very satisfied with many of your recipies.
    Thank you again for your tremendous work.

  • Isis

    Hi Olga! I have been looking for a “recipe organizer app” and I remembered you had recommended one when you switched to your new website….but ZipList is no longer available! What do you use now??

    Really Curious!
    – Isis

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