Christmas Gift Ideas For the Home Cook

Gift ideas for the home cook – either for someone you know or to share an idea with your husband, mom, sister or friend:). These include my favorite kitchen tools and useful items that would make great gifts.

Tried and tested kitchen tools, cookware and bakeware make the best gifts for home cooks. People who love to cook usually really like getting kitchen related gifts too:). I highly recommend all the items that I share in this post – I own them all and can personally vouch for them. Most have been in my kitchen for years, some even decades.

One of the best things about kitchen gifts is that they will benefit the whole family and usually, will last you a long time. Now those are gifts worth the investment.

This is not a sponsored post. I own all these items and bough them with my own money. Some of the links are affiliate links.

You can access the whole list on my Amazon shop, or click on any of the links below.

Small Kitchen Tools

A good quality kitchen tools makes a big difference in the kitchen. You can gift them separately, as a small gift, or gift them as a collection, in a cute basket or crock.

All these tools are things I use regularly, have been withstood the test of food blogging:). Usually when you buy a crock of utensils, most of the tools in the collection are flimsy and cheap. This collection is hand picked.

Christmas Gift Ideas Home Cook
small kitchen tools
  1. The best spatula EVER.
    • This spatula is so durable, comfortable to use and very versatile. It’s perfect for pancakes as well as flipping chicken, eggs or fish. It’s thin, but sturdy.
  2. Kitchen Scissors
    • It’s amazing how many ways these come in handy. It can cut through delicate herbs and even through chicken bones. I use it all the time.
  3. Vegetable Peeler
    • Another practical tool that gets constant use – peeling potatoes, carrots, butternut squash and so much more.
  4. Citrus Juicer
    • Use this to squeeze out lemon, lime or even orange juice. I’ve had several other citrus juicers and none as as durable as this one.
  5. Garlic Press
    • So nice to mince garlic quickly. It works perfectly.
  6. Instant Read Thermometer
    • A MUST in the kitchen. I wouldn’t cook any meat without a thermometer. I’ve been using this one for more than a decade. It’s such a small, inexpensive, but necessary tool.
  7. Measuring Cups and Spoons
    • If you cook/bake a lot, metal measuring cups and spoons are the way to go. These are done really well.
  8. Microplane Zester
    • I use this to finely grate lemon zest, nutmeg, Parmesan cheese, etc.
  9. Potato Masher
    • Not only is this a fantastic potato masher, it very useful for other things, like mashing bananas for baking, avocados for guacamole, etc.

Best Gift For Home Cooks

From all the things I have in my kitchen, these are the absolute best and would make great gifts, either a home cook that you love or yourself:).

As with the small kitchen tools, I own all of these items, bought them with my own money and would highly recommend them.

Christmas Gift ideas For Home Cooks
  1. Immersion blender and whisk
    • What a useful small appliance to own, especially if you do a lot of cooking from scratch. It’s perfect to blend cream soups, homemade jam and sauces right in the pot. I also love it for making whipped cream.
  2. Food Processor
    • This is my absolute favorite small kitchen appliance. I even have a video where I show many ways that I use it, from making pestos, pie dough, pasta dough, homemade peanut butter, breadcrumbs, and so much more. This would be an amazing gift.
    • Another of my favorite kitchen appliances in the Instant Pot, that I use many times a week.
  3. Hand Mixer
    • I can’t believe how budget friendly this mixer is but it’s so powerful and easy to use.
  4. Electric Water Kettle
    • Perfect for a tea lover, this beautiful kettle is so convenient and boils water so much faster than on the stove.
  5. USA Pan baking sheets
  6. Muffin Pan
    • Another well made piece of bakeware for muffins, cupcakes and even eggs.
  7. Flameless Candles with Candle Holders
    • These are so lovely to make your dinner table extra special without any melting wax. They look so realistic too.
  8. Storage Containers
    • I have a collection of these in different shapes and sizes to store leftovers and meal prep. From all the ones I’ve tried, these are the best.
  9. Spice Jars and Labels
    • These are absolutely not necessary, but so nice to have. They will transform your cabinet and make it look so pretty and organized.
    • Along the same lines, these storage containers are so nice for your pantry too.
  10. Cast Iron Skillet
    • One of the most durable and inexpensive pans that will last you a lifetime. (I have a post all about how to use it too.) I have the 10 inch and 12 inch pans.
  11. Stainless Steel Pan
    • One of my most used pans that is also very durable and works so well. You can read more about it HERE. I also have several, in different sizes and shapes.
  12. Ceramic Pan
    • If you want a healthier alternative to the teflon nonstick pan, this one is a great option. It’s great for delicate things like eggs, crepes and pancakes.
    • If you’d like to see all my favorite pots and pans, I have a blog post and video where I talk all about them. Any of them would make great gifts.

More Home Cook Gift Ideas

I have many more ideas in my Amazon shop.

I highly recommend getting some good quality knives. It makes a big difference in cooking and prep work. This is one of the best things to invest in for a home cook.

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