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IMG_8843 (550x367)How many of you are familiar with Freezer Cooking? This concept was new to me until a few years ago. I don’t remember if I heard about it first on the radio (I am an avid listener of Focus on the Family and Family Life Today) or read about it online. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea.

What is Freezer Cooking all about?

If you’ve never heard of it, it sounds kind of crazy. Cooking in the freezer or using a freezer?

Here’s how it works. Instead of cooking one day at a time, you take a few days to cook up enough food to stock your freezer to last for a few weeks of even months.

It’s nice to unthaw a meal, reheat and serve without breaking out into a sweat. Very convenient for days when you are especially busy, want to take it easy or simply have better things to do. After all, life doesn’t revolve completely around food, does it? I love to cook, but even I love taking some time off from the kitchen.

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From a homely,  foil wrapped pan to a scrumptious, homemade dinner…. That’s the magic of Freezer Cooking!

Not only is Freezer Cooking a great time saver, it will save you lots of money too. Every time you avoid a trip to the store, that’s less money spent. You won’t be calling in for pizza or stopping by for takeout, since you already have some delicious, homemade food just needing to be reheated.

There are many ways you can make Freezer Cooking work for you.

  1. Take a day or two and spend it cooking as many meals as you can to fill up your freezer.
  2. During the course of cooking freezer friendly meals on a daily basis, cook an extra batch and freeze it. Go about your normal business, and you won’t even notice how quickly you’ll have a batch of free time in your “icebox”:).
  3. Share the work with your friends! Get together for a cooking party. IMG_6878 (550x367)While you’re having a good time, you’ll get a lot of work done too. At the end of the day, you all will have a few meals for your families.
  4. Instead of getting together with your fellow cooks, you can each make several batches of one or two different meals. Exchange all these meals with each other and your freezer gets filled once more. It’s a great chance to try someone else’s food for a change, and get to try something new. Plus, you’ll have a great variety, and only have to make one or two meals each.

I’ve tried many Freezer Cooking recipes, found some that I liked, but for the most part decided to convert my own recipes to work for Freezer Cooking. Many of them were already freezer friendly to begin with.

In the next week or so, I’ll be sharing some of these recipes with you. Also, I’ll share tips on how you can convert your family favorites to be made ahead of time and enjoyed in the midst of your busy lifestyle. Stay tuned!

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  • Marina

    I can’t wait! Aside from pelmeni, fruits and berries, I haven’t tried freezing cooked food for fear of it not tasting fresh after reheating. No doubt, frozen meals are a great alternative to take-out, and they’re especially useful to have around when the whole family gets the flu (guess who), so I’m excited to learn more about it!

  • Masha

    I started doing it after I read your blog.. its very practical and its nice to have homemade food ready in few minutes..
    Thank you!

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