Sectioning an Orange

Sectioning an orange is removing the peel and membranes of the orange and leaving only the juicy sections.

You can add the sections to many recipes and it will taste much better, without having the membrane in the way. The flavor of the orange is intensified. Not only is it great in fruit salads, like my favorite, Tropical Fruit Salad, but you can also add it to a vegetable salad too.

When we have our citrus season in Florida, I buy a lot of oranges, section a large amount and store in the refrigerator. It is an awesome snack to include in the lunchbox.

It’s quite simple to do. The #1 important thing is to use a sharp knife. Cut the top and bottom off the orange, basically, so the orange will have a flat bottom to sit on. Cut off the peel and pith using a circular motion with your knife. IMG_7050Keep cutting off strips until no skin remains. IMG_7056Hold the orange in one hand and using a paring knife, make incisions right by the membranes and wriggle the sections out. IMG_7061Continue until you have taken out all the sections.IMG_7067

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