Gender Reveal – Are We Having a Boy or a Girl?

Pregnancy Announcement-1-23I am 20 weeks pregnant, which means that I am more than halfway through this pregnancy! How exciting!

As a Type A personality girl, someone who plans everything, and, quite frankly, has a scary need for control (I’m not proud of it), with all 3 of my pregnancies I couldn’t wait to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. My husband is always just as excited to find out too, so we waited eagerly for that momentous ultrasound. This time, I didn’t have any intuition regarding the sex of our baby and honestly didn’t have a preference. Almost everyone in my family thought it was going to be a girl:).

We are having a BOY! Pregnancy Announcement-1-19We are thrilled! Nathaniel and his little brother will be only 20 months apart. Since we already have a little boy, we know how wonderful little boys are and couldn’t be happier that we are having another one. I am 20 months apart with my younger sister, and we grew up the best of friends and still are. I love that we have such a special relationship and I hope my sons will share such a special bond too. My husband and I both grew up in big families and our siblings were our best friends throughout our childhood and still are up to this day.

Pregnancy Announcement-2-2We have chosen the name Joshua Paul as the name for our new baby. Whenever we name our children, besides liking the way the name sounds, it’s always been really important for the names to be meaningful to us.

We chose the name “Nathaniel”, meaning “gift from God” for our first son since he was such a miracle baby, we knew he was a precious gift for our family. “Joshua” means “Jehovah (God) is generous”, and it couldn’t be truer. Nathaniel was our gift and we would have been more than happy to have just one child if that was in God’s plan. Of course, we would have loved to have more children, especially for Nathaniel’s sake. More than any other reason, I wanted him to experience the joy of growing up with siblings. Well, God is SO generous and has surprised us by going above and beyond our dreams and has gifted us with another very precious child for which we are thankful with all our hearts. Yes, God is so good and very generous to us for blessing us with another child.


This is the picture we shared with our family:).

We also love the character of Joshua from the Bible. He was so courageous, positive and a great leader, so we think it’s great for our son to share a name with such an amazing man.
We are looking forward to seeing our boys growing up together.


  • Olga T

    Congrats to you guys that’s so exciting. I have 2 girls 2 yrs apart and they’re the best of friends. Your boys will love growing up together 🙂

  • Lily

    So excited for you!! God is very good indeed! You will love having 2 boys close in age.. My boys are exactly 20 months apart and they are best friends!

  • tanya

    Congrats! I had second son (3child) two weeks ago and also named him Joshuas ☺ very nice name ☺ my husband had that name in mind way before we even found out if its a boy or girl

  • Olena@iFOODreal

    That is awesome! I never cared about a boy or girl. I just wanted healthy kids that have a strong bond. I have 2 boys now who hang out together all the time. Same toys, passing down clothes, same interests – I love it all haha. It is great! You will have so much fun!

    • olgak7

      I completely agree, Olena. As long as the children are healthy, that’s all I really want.
      It’s so convenient to be able to pass along the same clothes and toys, though:).

  • Katie

    Congratulations Olga! I’m also 20 weeks with my 2nd boy. 🙂 My older will be 3 when his baby brother arrives.

  • Valya @

    Congratulations Olga and Serge!!! I’m so happy for you Olga! May God bless your growing family! Wishing you a blessed the rest of the pregnancy, delivery and speedy recovery!

  • veta

    Yaii!!!!! That is so exciting! !! My boys are 20 months apart and they are best buddies.(They are 10 years old and 8 y.o. now 😉 ) and we have same wedding day as you guys, June 18th haha. 😉 just a year difference 🙂 very happy for you guys. May God bless your pregnancy dear Olya!!!!

  • Marina

    Congratulations Olga!!! God is Awesome. Boys are fun- I have three boys and my fourth is a girl. They are all very close and my second son is Joshua 😀

    • olgak7

      I’ve had a lot of experience with boys, so I definitely agree that they are a lot of fun:). (Almost all of the foster children that we had part of our family were boys and only one girl.)

  • Tzivia

    Wow cool omg Olga so very happy for you congrats my best friend Ariella her four oldest are about a year and a half two years apart and the two oldest girls my thirteen year old g-d daughter and her sister 2 to oldest who just turned twelve two months ago are super close and tight beautiful name Joshua Paul good luck and hope that you continue to feel good and pull thru hun enjoy the summer while it lasts cheers

  • Irina

    Olga, I am very happy for you my dear.
    I am a big fan of your blog. I dk if there is a post I haven’t read. I pray that you go through the this pragnancy with no complications. So you deliver a healthy baby. You are a big example for me. Be blessed in every day of your life!!!!

  • Nadia

    How exciting!! My boys are 22 months apart. It’s so awesome, they become very good friends really fast 😀 it’s amazing to watch. May God bless your family and pregancy!

  • Katie L

    Olga, I am so very happy for you! When I saw your post that you are expecting another baby, my heart just melted! God is so great! May He bless your pregnancy! I have 2 girls 21 months apart :))) its fun, especially now when they start playing together:)

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