Taking A Step Back

IMG_2179 2Hello! You might have noticed that I’ve been MIA from the blog and social media a bit lately and I think it’s only fair to explain a bit of what’s been going on behind the scenes here. Simply put, I’ve been in survival mode the past few months and especially the last few weeks, since I’m not feeling well due to my pregnancy. I had the same issues when I was pregnant with Nathaniel, so this is nothing new, just not fun to go through.

This time around, it’s even harder to keep up with the blog because I seem to feel even more tired (probably because I hardly ever get more than a few hours of sleep at night) besides all my GI issues, and I have a little boy who needs a lot of time and attention. On the good days, I only feel good for a few hours, so I haven’t been able to cook, photograph and come up with new recipes in a while. I don’t have the strength to do the step by step photographing process and be climbing up and down my step ladder for the hours that most recipes require. My husband and son are my #1 priority, so I want to give them any precious time that isn’t spent in the bathroom or in bed/couch.

I’m sure you can understand. I have no idea what the remainder of my pregnancy will be like (I am currently 21 weeks, 5 days pregnant). I might feel better and start posting new recipes soon, or I might have to wait until this new baby boy arrives in November. I do still have a few new recipes to share that my very thoughtful husband helped me create weeks ago.  I just haven’t felt well enough to edit and upload yet, so they will be up whenever I get a chance.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. On the positive side, I already feel such a close bond with our new baby and am enjoying feeling him dance around in my belly. I’m sure Nathaniel doesn’t understand much, but he does pat my belly and give it a hug whenever we tell him there’s a baby in there. It’s so sweet:). Even though Nathaniel is at an age that requires a lot of constant care and he creates so much extra work (he is into EVERYTHING!), he is such a ray of sunshine for me.

I didn’t want to just disappear with no explanation, so I hope this cleared things up a bit.


  • Nelya

    You take care of yourself and we will be here when you finally post your recipes. Good luck and wishing you all the best.

  • Tzivia

    Olya my dear my bff went thru something similar when she was pregnant with her sixth child she even ended up taking early maternity leave from her job I helped some of the time holding her hand so I’m telling you what I told her don’t be sorry your health comes first before anything else and your family too if we have to wait longer for new recipes then so be it right now it’s all you take it easy and rest lots love and prayers and peace for a beautiful sweet weekend

  • Nataly

    Olga, thanks for sharing!!! May God bless you and help you to go through everything!!! I remember when you wrote that if you don’t see any new posts that means I’m not feeling good, so I was praying and will continue!!!! Hope you’ll be better soon!!!

  • Luba

    Olya, I hope you feel better soon! Not just for the sake of new recipes but for your own well being also. We will be praying for you and definitely understand if the blog won’t be as active as normal. God bless you dear!

  • Dina

    Olga don’t you worry about the blog. You have so many awesome recipes that I personally keep coming back to, even if nothing new is posted. Take care of yourself, and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  • Nina

    Best of luck, Olga! All of your blog readers understand that you need to take care of yourself and your family at this time. Wishing you the best with your health… we’ll be right here to welcome the new baby when he makes his arrival!

  • Olya

    Dear Olechka, your health is definitely number one priority for you. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes better. Take care of yourself and your boys. Think of it as of temporary inconvenience. Все будет хорошо!

  • Irina

    Olga, hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted about how you and your pregnency is doing! May God bless you with strength and health, and that your baby will be health!!!

  • Viktoriya

    Oh, darling) thank you for taking time and share with what you have been through. I totally understand how hard it can be during this time….
    Whats important now is to take a good care of yourself)
    your blueberry muffins were a hit!
    my hubby, who does not like muffins, ate 3))
    then i made them for our friend who live in Alaska. They all looooved them. asked for the recipe)
    Get well soon)

  • Mila L.

    Praying that God gives you strength throughout this pregnancy and that both, you and your baby remain strong and healthy. Don’t worry about the blog since you have an amazing collection of recipes to keep us busy for months. Take care of yourself and your family. God bless!

  • Tonya

    Olga, Thank you for taking your time to let us know and giving us heads up. Don’t worry about us, we will be here when you’re feeling better and your life gets back on track. 🙂 As others have already said, you have so many amazing recipes here.

    Recently, I made your yummy and easy fried rice and amazing blueberry muffins. The meal and the muffins, were a hit with my family! Over the years, I have made so many blueberry muffins and these are really the best! To make the fried rice, it took 15 min to make the meal and my picky eaters in the family loved it! Thank you!

    There had been numerous occasions when I would be looking for a certain recipe and another catches my eye- then, when I make it, the recipe is a hit. So, I was wondering if you could maybe bring to our attention certain recipes from time to time on your blog that are a hit with your family or siblings. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for sharing your talents with us!

    I sent you the best wishes and hope that your pregnancy will be an easier than the previous. You’re already halfway through!!!!!

  • lena

    Dear Olga, I pray that God gives you strength, wisdom, and many good days of good health. May God heal your GI problems that you would get stronger with each moment. There is nothing that is impossible with God! May you and your family be blessed.

  • Tanya

    Girl, we aren’t going anywhere! Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy, we will be eagerly awaiting your return. I have HG the first half of my pregnancy, lose 20 pounds min, so I slightly know what it’s like to have no energy and lounge on the couch, unable to eat or drink water. Relax and take it easy!!! Like I said, we’ll be here 🙂

  • Mary todoric

    Will pray for you and your family
    And can’t wait for your arrival in the fall
    Please take care of yourself and will wait till your strong again.

  • Tanya

    Dear Olga you’re always in my prayers. I love you like my sister. You take care of your self honey. And this is the best opportunity for me to catch up with all the delicious recipes from the past;-) you look so beautiful pregnant your face is just glowing. I’m so happy for you.
    BTW I’m making your blackberry pie for tomorrow except with blueberry. I’m excited to see how is gonna turn out.

  • Erica

    You have plenty of recipes to occupy us all for a long time! Will pray for you and the birth of your son, btw may I suggest a cute name for him.. ** Derick lol.. Do you have any names already that you like?

  • Angela

    Praying for your health and for the new baby. What a blessing! 🙂 When I had my second child, the pregnancy was definitly more difficult than the first time around. Hang in there! We will all be here when you are ready to come back! 🙂

  • Olga Gav

    I’m praying for you! Don’t worry about the blog. It has tons of wonderful recipes. May God continue to be with you through out your pregnancy and give you strength and health beyond what you can imagine. All the best!

  • Tanya

    Olechka, I am soooo happy and thrilled about your pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!! May Lord bless you and protect you both. You look so beautiful and glowing! Don’t worry about the blog, we are here and you have so many awesome recipes posted!!!! What amazes me is that everything I make from your blog, turns out so delicious! My family thanks you!!!!!!!!! Good luck and take care of yourself!

  • Nadia

    Olga may God be your rock during this time. He works all things for the good.. I know the hardest times in my life is when I’m actually closest to God. May He refresh your spirit and be by your side (like He always is) during this time. God bless you, your family and your precious new baby. <3

  • Olga

    Hi Olga, Just catching up on your blog here today, and wanted to say you are in our family’s prayers! God bless you and your sweet little one as you go through this pregnancy! I hope you start to feel better soon!

  • Monika

    Hi Olga,

    I just went through my mailbox looking for a newsletter from you! I think everyone will understand and happily wait until you’re ready to be back. Going through a regular pregnancy with a running toddler around is not easy, I am not even trying to imagine how you must feel (my baby girl is 6 month and I am still in survival mode..). Take care of yourself and your family.


  • Ellen Goldenson

    Thank you so much for your post. You are such a strong, courageous woman and a true role model for me. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Shinee

    Hi, Olga! I just thought of you this morning. Hope all is going well. If you get any chance at all, please keep us updated on how things are going. I know things are probably hectic, but I really hope to hear you’re fine. 🙂

  • tanya

    Take it easy, you have plenty of recipes for us to go back to over and over again. i am making trubachki today so i am visiting your blog. thank you for the update on your pregnancy. you are a strong woman. God bless you with health and strength. Prayed for you today.

  • Tatyana

    Dear Olga, I think of you everyday. Praying and hoping everything is well… really hoping… God be with you and your family.

  • Nadia

    You have come up in my thoughts recently and I have been praying for your pregnancy, for your health and the baby! Don’t give up, stay strong, God will help you get through this . God bless you girl.

  • Lily B

    Just visiting your blog to get the delicious “Crepe cake with Pastry Creme” recipe and saw this post, i hope you are feeling better and you & little baby will be in my prayers. Your family IS your #1 priority so i hope you don’t feel too pressured to get back to the blog until you feel at 100%! You are awesome (:

  • Larisa

    Hi Olga,
    I’ve been thinking about you this whole time, praying and hoping you and your baby are doing well! When I heard about that storm that was headed towards the southeast coast, I automatically thought about you and your family. May God bless you and give you strength.

  • Tina

    Dear Olga,
    Hope all is going well for you and your family. We miss you and we are praying for you! Hopefully we get to hear from you soon:) sending lots of love and 🙏🏼

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