How To Use and Clean Stainless Steel Skillets and Cookware

Stainless steel cookware can be a bit intimidating to use and to clean. Here you will find tips on the best ways to use stainless steel and how to clean it so it stays in the best condition for many years.

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Why Would You Want to Have Stainless Steel Cookware?

Stainless steel cookware is very durable and will last you a lifetime. I have owned my cookware for more than 8 years and I am really happy with it. Stainless steel is also much healthier to use than nonstick cookware, which has a lot of research showing that the coatings are not good for our health. Stainless steel is great for getting a great sear on food and then can create an absolutely delicious sauce to go along with it.

Video of How To Use and Clean Stainless Steel Skillets and Cookware

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Tips to Get the Best Results When Using Stainless Steel Skillets and Cookware

  • Use Enough Fat – If you don’t use enough oil, butter, ghee, etc, your food will stick to the skillet.
  • Heat Up the Skillet Well BEFORE Adding the Food to the Skillet Skillets have to be heated up first otherwise the food will stick and will absorb the oil more.
  • Blot Meat (chicken, beef, pork, etc) and Seafood With a Paper Towel before adding it to the skillet.
  • Let the Food Get a Good Sear Before Turning It Food will naturally release and can be easily turned if they are browned well.
  • Starchy Foods Aren’t Meant To Be Cooked in Stainless Steel Don’t cook potatoes, rice or pasta in stainless steel skillets, unless you are using enough liquid, such as a soup, or cooking pasta in a stockpot, of course.
  • Use the Fond To Create Extra Flavor and Deglaze the Skillet The caramelized bits on the bottom of the skillets will add so much delicious tastiness to your food. When you pour in some sort of liquid, like water, broth, wine, lemon juice, etc, it will clean the skillet easily and create a delicious sauce too.
  • Add a bit of water to the skillet when the food starts to stick.
  • To Get a Good Sear on Food, Don’t Crowd the Food in the Skillet, leave some space around the food and cook in a single layer.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

In most cases, it is easy enough to clean the skillet with a simple sponge and dishsoap.

When a skillet is really scorched, I have 2 helpers that I always have on hand: scouring pads and Bar Keeper’s Friend.

The scouring pads are great to easily remove many layers of grime. They are also awesome to use for messy casserole dishes and many stubborn messes. The Bar Keeper’s Friend will not only help to clean your cookware, but will also give it a shine.

Clean your stainless steel cookware on all sides, the bottom and the edges too.

Can You Put Stainless Steel Cookware in the Dishwasher?

Yes, in most cases, stainless steel cookware is safe to be washed in the dishwasher. However, always check your manufacturer’s recommendations.

My Favorite Stainless Steel Cookware

I have owned All Clad cookware for many years. I think they are really great quality, they have held up so well over the years and of course, the best part is that I am really happy with the results of the food.


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