Welcome To the World, Nathaniel Caleb!

Nathaniel-1-10One week ago, February 23, 2015, at 0204 pm, we celebrated the birth of our son, Nathaniel Caleb.

“For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him.” 1 Samuel 1:27

For months we have been preparing for his arrival, praying for his health and delivery, and dreaming of the time when he would finally be in our arms. I will never forget the beautiful moment when I heard his first cry.

Nathaniel1 copyHe was born via a scheduled c-section, and I was 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant at the time. He was 18 inches long and weighed 5 lbs and 3 oz. Thank God for a healthy baby boy. By the size of my belly, the medical staff was afraid that he would be much smaller than that, but he surprised us all.

Nathaniel-1-12I meant to do a short birth announcement right away, but Nathaniel and I are still in the hospital and I’m sure you can understand that I had different priorities.

Nathaniel had some minor issues with his respiratory system, so he’s been in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, getting a little bit of help breathing, but he is doing great and will be out if the NICU very soon.Nathaniel-1-9

Nathaniel-1-13I ended up getting another surgery on Saturday, but am quickly recuperating too.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Our life is starting from a brand new chapter as a family of three. We are so in love with our son, who looks just like his Daddy:) and no words can fully express how thankful we are for him. 



  • courtney montgomery

    Oh congratulations on the little bundle god bless you and your family at this precious time.I am a huge fan of your site.

  • Tanya

    Dear Olga, I don’t know if you even realize how much of an inspiration you are. God has given you an amazing strength to be able to share your story to the world, and the amazing miracles our God shares with you. I’m so incredibly happy for you! I’m certain that thousands of us were holding our breath over the last week, anticipating a picture or post, anything to show our prayers have been answered. I’m really glad both you and baby are doing great, it’s just another testimony you get to share. May God bless you and your little family! I can’t wait to hear more about this new chapter in your life.

  • Oksana

    Glory to God. Blessings be with your family. This is the best gift, enjoy every minute of it. Before you know it, you’ll have a little toddler “helping”in the kitchen. I’m happy for you. Hope and pray that you and Nathaniel have a fast recovery.

  • Irina Shcherbachuk

    Congratulations to both of you! My son was born 37 weeks and 4 days and was too 18 inches and 5 lbs and 5 ounces! And I absolutely love the name Nathaniel. Enjoy your new mamma life and take it all in. They grow up way too fast!

  • Galina

    Congratulations Olga on the birth of your precious little son. We are praying that Nathaniel continues to get better and stronger as well as a speedy recovery for you!

  • tania

    Yay! How exciting!! And he looks like a carbon copy of daddy!! Congrats! Hope your recovery is quick and your son get stronger and stronger with each passing day.

  • Vera

    We are so happy that you and the baby are doing good. May God continue to strengthen you and your sweet baby boy! Blessings

  • Nell

    May God bless you and your family. May this gift give you joy and laughter for many years to come. Bring him up in the Lords ways and the Lord will bless him.

  • Leanna @doublesidedspoon

    Olga I am so so happy for you! I have been following your whole baby journey for quite some time now! God bless your baby and your family!!! 🙂

  • Anna

    Congratulations to you and your family. May God bless you and Nathaniel with quick recovery. NICU stay is not fun, my twins were there for 50 days , but on the other hand it gave me time to fully recover from CSection and in your case from both surgeries. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Oksana

    Oh my, i am so so happy for you two!!! I was checking the site so many times after the 23rd to see if there were any updates about your newborn… You don’t know me, but i am soooo happy for you!!!! I was so happy, i had tears running down my face from happiness for you:)))). Желаю быстрого выздоровления и обильных Божиих благословений дальше. Пусть мальчик растет крепким и здоровеньким на радость родителям и Богу)))). Btw, i wanted to name my san Nathaniel also, because the meaning just fit right with the story… Me and my hub waited for our precious 5 years before i had a child!!! And i am happy every single day seeing this baby.

  • Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com

    What a beautiful story of Gods grace and amazing goodness. God bless you in your recovery and your beautiful son to grow into a mighty man of God 🙂 I’m so happy for you!

  • Maria

    Congratulations! I’m so glad to read you all are doing fine.
    Wish you health and joy!
    It’s a prize for so long road you made.

  • Anna

    Awww Congratulations!!!! So excited for you, may God bless you both and give you a quick recovery!!! Nathaniel is so precious, I’m just very happy for you even though we dnt know each other personally!!!! Blessing….

  • Sasha

    Congratulations!!!!! What a joyous occasion! God is amazing!!!!!!!! May He bless you each and every day to follow on this precious journey of yours… Sincerely happy for you and yours! You’ll be amazing mommy.

  • Alina

    Congratulations! I am happy for u:) may Gob bless your family and ur cute little boy! Wishing u all te best!

  • Lilly

    Congratulations on the birth of your sweetheart!! I’m so glad that you are both doing well. May God bless your recovery! Enjoy every moment with your precious baby. He will grow up in no time. Blessings to your family!!!

  • Tina

    Olga, with teary eyes I read your beautiful blog post today. God is soooo amazing!! Your little guy is perfect and ohhh so so precious 🙂 I wish you, your husband and Nathaniel many many blessings. I’m so happy for you!

  • Anastasia

    Olga, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son Nathaniel. He’s a very handsome boy and an amazing gift from Above. I’ve been thinking of you all day on the 23rd, and was excited to see the updates when you posted them! May God bless your son and you! Hope you both are doing well!

  • Alina Rubin

    Hi Olga! I only discovered your blog last week when I was looking up a recipe for nun’s puffs. While I admired the tempting recipes, I read your personal posts and was floored by your story. You are such an amazing person, you’ve been through so much at such young age! For sure God has been watching over you. Good health to you and your baby boy! He is truly a miracle. I hope you all will be home very soon. I am sure I will be visiting your blog regularly.
    Best regards,

  • Adrienne

    Congratulations and prayers for continued recovery. I hope you all can get home soon. He’s precious and adorable!

  • Olga

    Слава Богу and Congratulations!!! You’re family looks amazing and we wish you guys all of the best! I’m so glad God heard everyone’s prayers and gave you your wonderful son Nathaniel! May God bless you and your family always.
    With lots of love from the Gekkelman Family!

    Psalm 5:12
    “For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous;
    With favor You will surround him as with a shield.”
    Psalm 34:8
    “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
    Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!”

  • Irina

    Oh..he is just so precious!!congratulations to new parents! Wishing you both speedy recovery!!
    Welcome to new chapter of your life,so happy for your family!

  • Tanya

    Olechka and Sergey, Congratulations with your little bundle of joy!!!!!!! Olechka, I had tears streaming down my face as I’ve read your post-God is so good!!!! Thank you for letting us know that you and Nathaniel are quickly recovering. Know that very soon it will all all be behind you. Congratulations again, we are so happy!!!!!!!!

  • Evelyn

    Congratulations Olga and Sergi!!! Im am so so happy for you! Your family was in my thoughts and prayers all last week. Im so happy that God answered your prayers and blessed you with a beautiful little boy. God is so good!! I wish you a healthy and fast recovery. And may little Nathaniel grow strong, big, and healthy. He truly is a miracle and a sweet little bundle of joy! Enjoy this beautiful time, for it goes by so fast.

  • olga

    Congratulations Olga
    May God Bless your little baby boy!!he is adorable! ! wish you a healthy and fast recovery.

  • Lena

    I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your little miracle. May he grow big and strong and hope you recover quickly too.

  • Layla

    I’m soo happy for you and your little family!!! God is truly so amazing!!! A baby is a gift from God. Your little one is already blessed with loving parents and as he grows, may he know the love and acceptance of being a child of God. I wish you and your baby a fast recovery and Gods blessing upon your family!

  • Mariya Lavrishin

    Olga & Sergey , congratulation!
    Praise God for his miracle.!
    May the Lord bless your family!
    Very happy for you.

  • pat Soltis


    I’m overwhelmingly happy for you and Sergi. I’m sure that Nathaniel will will be a happy, healthy, beautiful child. And I know that you and Sergi will raise him to be a gentleman!

    Warmest congratlations,


  • Tania

    Olga congrats with your baby BOY! He’s handsome! The picture of u sitting with your parents made me tear up! Just thinking what u went through and they were always by your side! And there they are sitting with u to meet ur baby son! God is great! He has his plans for everything! May he BLESS you and your new addition! Wishing you a quick recovery!

  • Sveta

    I am so thankful to GOD all is good praises be to GOD most high !! HE is amazing !! And HIS timing is perfect GLORY BE TO GOD may HE BLESS THE RECOVERY :))))) and your wonderful family :)))

  • Venera

    Dear Olga and Sergi! So very happy for you, your precious son is a true miracle! He is just so beautiful. Best wishes and many blessings to your family!

  • Joyce

    I weep in relief and at the thankfulness of God in answering all our prayers for you. The picture of you and baby on your bare chest is beyond precious to see the bonding, and then the tears really began! God continue to bless your little family!

  • Alla

    Congratulations Olga and Serge! Slava Bogy that He gave you strength and health to go through this! And Slava Bogy for this amazing gift for you guys! It is truly His miracle and grace to you guys! Mi tak radi za vas! May God send you strength to recover now! May your baby grow healthy and strong! And may he grow in the word of God! Praying for you guys and wishing you many of Lords blessing!

  • irina

    The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
    The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
    The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
    And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them.
    Numbers 6:24-27

    Love you and praying for your family! Welcome precious Nathaniel!!!

  • Natasha L

    The photos of the 3 of you are so touching, simply beautiful. God bless your family as you start this new chapter of your lives.

  • Inna

    Congratulations!! So happy you are both doing well now!! Many, many of Gods blessing to you and your family! 🙂

  • Mila L

    Congrats!!! So glad everything went well and praying that you recover fast. Nathaniel is a handsome little guy.

  • Sofia

    As god has willed, congratulations to you, may you both feel well soon. It really is very kind of you to share your journey with us all. The wonder of modern day technology:).

  • Liliya

    Olya, I am so happy for you and Sergi! This is such wonderful news and we have been praying for you! Your life will never be the same 🙂

  • Ellen Goldenson

    Congratulations Olga and Sergi!!! I have been following your blog regularly for a year and was delighted today when I checked in to see the wonderful news. Nathaniel is one fortunate baby, to be part of a truly inspirational family. God bless all of and dreams really do sometimes come true !!!

  • Oksana

    Congratulations Olga! May God bless your family! You are such an inspiration to others! Your boy is beautiful!!! Truly happy to hear you guys are doing good!!!

  • Lina

    So happy for you Olga! He is a perfect baby boy! May God bless you and your beautiful family! I’ve been on here every day waiting for an update on Nathaniel and was praying for you the day of your c-section. I knew God would take care of you and your precious son. Many blessings!

  • Anya

    Olga, Congratulations! I have been following your blog for about a year now. You and your husband have such big and loving hearts to have welcomed, loved all those children you fostered. Now God has granted you that small bundle of joy, beautiful Nathaniel, and he is yours to keep! May He continue to bless your family.

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and step by step instructions and photos. Have made delicious meals for my family from your recipes. God bless!

  • Tatyana Ivankin

    Congratulations Olga and Sergi! May God bless your little family! I hope you read my post, because one thing i wish you will do is a journal, i never done mine and i regret it every day! When kids are growing there’s every day something happens and leter when you try to remember it’s gone! Its a legacy that you can leave for your child and future generations! Enjoy being mama!

  • Lisa

    GOD BLESS YOU OLICHKA AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL GROWING FAMILY. We are family of 3 as well and our son is almost 2 years old. We were praying for 5 years until Lord has blessed us with our beautiful gift -little Samuel. We are happy for your family. God’s blessings to all of you! Nathaniel is so adorable!

  • ElizabethS

    I don’t know if you’ll scroll down this far, but like everyone else I am overflowing with joy for you and want to offer congratulations! Especially reading about your pregnancy and knowing how challenging it was for you every single day to find energy and nourishment until baby got big enough. That was hard work. Praise the Lord!

    • olgak7

      Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I do read ALL the comments, even though I can’t reply to all of them.
      God is SO good. He really has been beside us this whole time.

  • janet

    Congratulations Olga and Sergei! I’m deeply touched by your journey to become a mother and I’m praying for you.

  • Evelina

    Oh my god, I am so happy for your family! Congratulations!! This makes me want to cry, especially after reading all that you’ve been through..
    Very beautiful boy and such a lovely name 🙂 God bless

  • Olga Alex

    Pozdravlayu vas!
    Olya, congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your lovely family! Thank you for taking the time to share the photos of your precious little son and the story of your journey to motherhood. I wish you all the best!

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