Happy New Year and 2 Year Blogiversary, Plus a Giveaway

Happy New Year everyone!

2013 flew by so quickly. It was very eventful and full of milestones for my husband and myself and we are so thankful for all the blessings that God has given us.

Today, I am celebrating a 2 year blogiversary. Hip, hip, hooray!

IMG_2845 (550x367)January 1, 2012 was a big day for me, the day that I officially started this blog. It has been such a wonderful experience. Technically, I started the blog a few months before that, but I wanted to have more than 1 post for people to read, so I kept it all in draft stage and then finally published several posts and made the big announcement on January 1, 2012. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that I enjoyed cooking and sharing my recipes, cooking tips and most of all, stories, with others.

Why did I start blogging?

I’ve loved to write since I was a little girl. In fact, when we first came to America, I hated school, because I didn’t know any English and my schoolwork was horrible. I was only 6 years old, I could read and write in Russian, but English was hard. I remember getting my papers back from the teacher with red pen all over my hard work. Blogiversary-1-15

One day, we started a new project – writing a book. Every day after lunch, we would work on our stories – first writing the story, then copying it into a book made from construction paper and illustrating every page. It was the first time that I actually looked forward to school, and after that book project, I made significant improvement in my schoolwork and by 3rd grade, I was easily making A’s in my classes.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine as well. I was fascinated with cooking since I was old enough to be in the kitchen and I’ve enjoyed it my whole life.

For Christmas one year, I decided to compile a cookbook for my sisters of all our family favorite recipes. Well, I was absolutely shocked at how much more work it was than I had expected. I was content to make a cookbook of a small collection of favorites, instead of making it a novel, like I had first dreamed.Blogiversary-1-22


I made a discovery with that project of mine, though, and it turned out that even though it was so much work, I loved it and just thrived documenting my work in the kitchen.

From then on, it became a dream of mine to write a cook book someday, and after I started seeing so many wonderful cooking websites and blogs, I knew that was the way to go, even though it took me awhile to figure out what in the world “blogging” was.

Starting to Blog:

IMG_7977 (500x333)I am not gifted with technical brilliance by any means, and I only have basic computer skills, so the technical aspects of the blog definitely scared me. I discovered Blogging with Amy and her blog about blogging was a HUGE help. I’ve learned SO much during these past 2 years, that I surprised even myself. Often, I would feel like my brain must be smoking from all the new information that I was cramming into it.

The first year of blogging for me was kind of like  going to school; I learned a lot about blogging in general. The second year, I focused more on trying to make the blog better and molding it to fit my personality.

Olga’s Flavor Factory Today:

I know that I’m not a food blogging guru and my blog is very small compared to the blogging pros, but I am so thankful for the way this blog has grown. During these 2 years, I’ve written 385 posts.  Overall, there have been more than 2 million views on this blog and more than 5,000 comments. 80% of you are from the United States, and the rest are from so many other countries, it amazes me, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, India, Phillipines, Netherlands, etc.  I am so thankful for all of you. Thank you so much for visiting my little kitchen on the internet.

This year, I am excited to share more great recipes with all of you, as well as start filming recipes on a regular basis.

Blogiversary-1-26One of the biggest personal benefits of blogging is that most of my recipes are written down and have specific measurements. I don’t know how many times I would cook something delicious and then not be able to recreate it, because I had just added a bit of this, a handful of that, etc. Most everything I cooked, I never measured or counted. It’s so much easier to cook that way, but the results will vary every time. There were many times that I couldn’t remember which method I used to cook something, what ingredients I used, how long I cooked it or how much the recipe yielded. Another benefit along the same lines, is that it’s so much easier to share recipes. Before I started blogging and someone would ask me for a recipe, 95% of the time, it was very hard to do, since I didn’t have a recipe, or it was very vague.

My husband, Sergi, has been so supportive in my blog adventure. Not only does he listen to my brainstorming, thoughts and ideas, he is always willing to lend a hand. He’s has built me background boards for pictures, helps take pictures and learned about food photography. He lends a hand in the kitchen as well, helping clean up, wash dishes and sometimes watching the baby (or babies) while I am busy in the kitchen. He believes in my dreams and wholeheartedly supports them. Any success that I have, I owe to him. I am by nature a very driven, persistent and task oriented person. Sergi makes sure that I keep life somewhat balanced and don’t turn into a workaholic, because I definitely have a tendency to go in that direction.

Blogiversary-1-28My family is also very supportive. My parents and siblings are all so excited about this blog. My Mom is my biggest fan. She reads every single post and all your comments too:).

Of course, the ultimate satisfaction that I get from this blog is from ALL OF YOU. I am so thankful to have “met” so many wonderful people online. Thank you so much for trying my recipes, for sharing them with your friends and family, for coming back to read my stories, trusting my tips and suggestions. I feel a huge responsibility to share the best recipes with you and to make sure that the recipe will turn out well for you too. It’s always my goal to have clear and detailed instructions and that’s why it’s so important for me to include step by step pictures. I love you guys and have really enjoyed getting to know you in the comments section of this blog, by e-mail, Face book and Instagram. I really appreciate all the love and support that I get from all of you.

Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who take the time to write comments and e-mail messages. I am so humbled by your kind words and encouragement.

I want to hear from all of you. What do you want to see this coming year?

To show my appreciation for you, I am hosting a giveaway of one of my favorite tools in the kitchen, a Kitchenaid stand mixer. This is the same one that I have had for more than a year and I use it all the time. There are many other colors to choose from, so whoever wins will be able to choose.

To enter the giveaway, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties.  If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work.

This giveaway is now CLOSED. 



Tune in tomorrow for a look BEHIND THE SCENES of blogging:).

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  • Susan Christy

    I take dessert to my friends Sunday dinner every week, so I’m always looking for ideas for something different.

  • Sam

    Olga I love your blog and recipes especially trying them out on my Mr. and he loves them as well. I have been lucky to have gone to school with you and know you and wish all the best for you and your family

  • Milana

    Wow can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since you told us about your blog! Your blog is my favorite for all of my recipes! Love your step-by-step pictures! Thank you for going above and beyond to help us cook and bake easier 🙂 love your blog Olga!!!

  • Janna Gorobets

    Thank you Olga for your blog!!! You are doing an amazing job!!! Would love to see more bread recipes and unique appetizers 🙂 That is my all-time fav color and NEED a new mixer!!! Would be an amazing gift!!!

  • Julia

    I really enjoy your blog and your recipes, I am looking forward to seeing more desert recipes and congratulations on the anniversary of your blog! Great job!

  • N Wilson

    Happy Anniversary Olga’s Flavor Factory!! Love your blog! Love your recepies!!!! Would love to see more video us and published book!!!!!

  • Vitalina

    I just found out about your blog recently. And you’re doing a great job! Juggling work an infant and a blog. Pretty awesome. Keep up the good work and may God bless you guys

  • Natalie

    Thank you for sharing your recipes, I enjoy reading your posts! I would like to see more meat and salad recipes , please 🙂

  • Mila L.

    Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. I love your blog and have tried few of your recipes. I especially love reading your life stories and experiences in life that you had endured. For this year, quick recipes or maybe more recipes for crock pot since I am full time mom and work full time and always struggle to make dinner every night when I get home from work. Also, continue to share your family stories. God bless and keep up such a wonderful work.

  • Olya D

    I absolutely LOVE how you incorporate so many vegetables in your recipes are are more health conscious! That’s my favorite part about your blog! So more recipes with veggies are always welcomed 🙂

  • Mila L.

    Congrats on your 2 year of blogging. That is just awesome. I would love to see crock pot recipes that us busy moms can use to make our lives a bit easier. Also, your family stories are joy to read.

  • Tanya

    Happy New years day! I just want to say thank you for all your amazing recipes.. This year, I would love to see more recipies that have to do with meat..

  • Kristina Khomich

    Hi Olga, 1st of all i would like to wish u a Happy New Year and many Blessings to your beautiful family!!! and also Happy Anniversary to your amazing blog that saved me several times :))
    I’m one of your biggest Fan and also a mom to a 18 months little girl and plus in about 1 month and a half our second baby will enter this world, so for 2014 i would love more ideas for everyday easy and yummy meals made in as less time as possible :)) cause i’m pretty sure i won’t be able to spend as much time cooking as i used before 🙂 so that would be really helpfull for me :))
    Thanks again for your blog and also a Big Thank u for amazing Giveaway, thats an awesome beginning of a new year 🙂 Honestly, i would looove to win this, i’ve been dreaming of Kitchenaid stand mixer for such a long time!!! fingers crossed :))

  • Yuliya Vakulchik

    I would love to see Tiramisu made from scratch (including the ladyfingers) – I typically have to put several recipes together and it’s inconsistent in the quality. I would trust you for sure for the quality 🙂 Also, I remember eating this amazing soup when I went back to Belarus to visit my dad, called Солянка. It was so delicious, but nobody I know from my family ever made it, and Russian websites are not up to par with their recipes.

    Thank you so much for your time and love you put into your food, Olga! You are an amazing chef!!!

  • Samantha V.

    I already love all the recipes you have on your blog…maybe a few more slow cooker ones as they are always great on nights I have a hectic schedule with the kids.

  • Erika

    I love your blog! Would love to see more crockpot and meat recipes! 🙂 thanks for all the great recipes you already have! Tried so many, love them all 🙂

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    I love your blog and check it daily for new posts! God Bless your family in 2014!!! I would love more recipes for quick every day dinner meals!

  • Tyna D

    Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and thoughts here. Hello to your mom too since she reads all the postings! She should be very proud of you! May God bless you every day of this new year!

  • Yuliya Stepanchuk

    Happy Anniversary on your blog Olga!!(: Love all your recipes but i would love to see more video recipes to help with the step by step procedures!(:

  • Elisa

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful New Year! Congrats on your 2 year anniversary! 🙂
    Love your blog and love all the recipes with lots of veggies. Your Russian apple cake reminds me of home.
    I also would like to see a great recipe for Schaschlik (I’m not quite sure what’s the English or Russian word for it)
    My friends and I used to go to this Russian shop in Germany and he had the best Schaschlik with a garlicky red sauce.

  • Larisa St

    Hello Olga Happy New Year and Blogiversery. I have been following your blog and using your recipes and I enjoy reading about the events in your life. I also am a RN and feel like we share something in common. I love how you care for the little ones, you have a big heart.

  • Natalie Kova

    I would love to see recipes that don’t take much time. I’m in the nursing program right now and I don’t have much time for anything besides reading the books! Maybe some crockpot recipes as well?

    Happy 2 year blogging anniversary!

  • Irina

    Happy Anniversary. I love to cook but I wanted to learn some russian dishes. Thanks for all the recipes. May God bless you.

  • Nona Grytskevich

    Since I’m new to site and just started following and oh my I can’t even think what to tell u but definitely I would like to congratulate u with anniversary on ur blogging and I think I will spend all my free time to go and read everything on ur page! I wish everything the best to u and ur family in this upcoming year and would like to say a huge thank you that you spend so much time to blog 🙂 thank you! GOD BLESS!

  • Lily

    Hi Olga. I have been visiting your blog quite often and I am absolutely in love with all of your recipes, especially Russian deserts. I have tried many of them and they are amazing. I would love to see more recipes on Russian cakes because my husband loves them so much. By the way your baby is so cute!! My baby girl is about the same age as him. Happy New Year.

  • Anastasiya

    Olga, l love your blog! I turn to it often when I need some cooking inspiration. I would like to see more tips on planning meals for dinner parties (time management, shortcuts, etc). Thanks for posting fresh, new ideas and recipes; keep up the hard work!

  • Inna

    Congrats on your 2nd blogversary! I would love a post on how to cook/prep for parties- so I (host) could enjoy the party outside of the kitchen. More side dish recipes would be great too!

    Again, awesome job and keep those recipes coming!

  • Jenny S.

    Honestly this is my first visit to your blog. It’s super cute looking around, I wouldn’t change a thing! Can’t wait to keep up with it now!

  • Marina

    Happy Blogversary!!! I absolutely love love your blog. I would like to see like a recipe for halva if there is such a thing lol. I love it but it’s so hard to find.

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    I love to bake so would love to see more desert recipes. This year I have baked a lot of your recipes and all of them were really enjoyed by all my tasters. (:

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    I love all ur recepies:)And enjoying reading ur blog.Happy holidays!!!May God bless ur beautiful little family:))

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    Love your blog. Im not sure how u find the time as a Mom, but great job!!!! I wouldnt change the way you do things but I could use a few party appetizer ideas!!! Keep up the awesome work

  • Luba

    Happy anniversary Olga! Thank you for all the “help” in the kitchen. I love your recipes. I’d love to see some slow cooker recipes. As a full-time working mom, I don’t have the time or the energy to cook everyday and sometimes even several times a day. We are picky and don’t like to eat out as home-cooked food is a lot tastier. God bless you hun! May this year bring you and your family lots of happiness and blessings from above.

  • iura lana gradinar

    I love it. Love the color of it. Haven’t seen those yet, I would love to win it. Mine is gonna stop working any time

  • Svetlana S

    I love your blog and your recipes. I made a lot of them already but thankfully there are a lot more to make ;). This year one of my biggest resolutions is to become more healthier and one to achieve that goal is to eat every meal at home and homemade, your blog will definety help me in that ;).

  • Nadia

    Congrats on your 2nd year blogging. Thank you for all of your amazing recipes and the hard work. I would like to see more recipes on how to prepare fish (like perch, salmon, bass, carp, trout..).

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    Video recipes are great for the visual learner. I tend to understand directions more if I see somebody doing the steps before hand. Seeing more videos would be awesome!!

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    I absolutely love you blog. I try almost all your receipts, and my family loves it. I hope to see more new receipts, and it would be great if you can add receipts for little kids. Also I hope you can add video to your blog so we can see how you actually cook and we can follow you.:-)

  • Nina

    It would be nice to see some of the more difficult recipes on video. It is always more helpful to see the steps especially for people who are just starting their cooking learning adventure.

  • Inna

    Love your recipes! Such a wide variety of dishes! Really helped me to learn some of the Russian cuisine, which before seemed rather complicated 🙂 Thank you!

  • Stacey

    Love ur blog I tryed out some of ur recipes and loved them all.
    Can u do a recipe for macaroon cookies?You do an amazing job with ur website keep up the good work:)
    Happy New Years!!!

  • Svetlana Kroshkin

    Hello Olga, im not your usual wife/women. i dont exactly cook. my husband does the cooking, but i do most of the baking. i have looked through your recipes and am intrigued to try some of your desserts!! thank you for what you do. and your story is inspiring! Blessings in this new year!!

  • Irina Maksimenko

    I love this website! It really helped me as a new wife 🙂 It would be great to see more videos on here, and easy meals with less ingredients, or just simple very common ingredients that we all have at home

  • lena

    Olga I love your blog. Whenever im having guests over and I cant come up with food ideas, I go to your blog and get some inspiration. My hubby’s and my favorite so far has been the stuffed chicken marsala. It is amazing and much better than the one in olive Garden. I hope there will be many more dishes to come 🙂 keep up the amazing job!

  • Vita G

    Hey Olga I just want to thank for this wander blog. I go here every time I have a party to plan or just dinner. Thank You.. I want to wish you a Happy New Years.. And I would love to win the Kitchen Aid Mixer.. 🙂

    God Bless

  • Victoria K.

    I would like to see more healthy/organic recipes. And thank you Olga for this blog, and your wonderful recipes. God bless you and ur family:)

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    Best regards,

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    Love the blog!

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  • Ludmila

    wow I am glad you started this blog my heart always fills with happiness when I read your story’s and your recipes always fill my mind with amazing thinking thoughts on how good your food tastes. thanks

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    One of my favorite recipe sites! Like someone said, I would love to see more recipes that could be made quickly on a weekday night (under an hour together for prep and cooking)

  • Olga

    I love your blog and look forward to new post daily! you recipes are easy to follow and tips are greatly appreciated. Thank You & congratulations on our 2 yrs!

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    Olga, your blog is wonderful!! So many different, creative and most of all delicious recipes that inspire me to be more creative in my kitchen. I would like to see more of appetizers (more like finger foods) and slow cooker recipes. I would prefer to see some appetizers that are fast to do and could last few hours but still keep the same taste if guests are running a bit late :)) Thank you once again and many blessings to you and your growing family!!

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    I definitely would love to see more healthy recipes, more tips how to choose good veggies/fruits/meets etc. , storage tips. thanks. Excellent work! May God bless your growing family :)))

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    Ps your pretty amazing, may God bless you and your family!

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    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I find out so many useful tips and recipes here… And your personal journey – wow! You are such a strong woman and Christian, I can learn a lot from you! God bless you and your family abundantly! 🙂

  • Tanya

    Olichka, I am so happy that there was a day that I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and have not been able to stay away since. I remember talking to you when you and your hubby were still in the process of adopting from Russia. I love reading all your stories and enjoy trying the many different and delicious recipes that you post. One of my favorites is the Stuffed Chicken Marsala (can you say YUUUMMMY?!) I have made your homemade bread, meatball soup, creamy chicken salad bites, creamy tomato soup… I could keep going 🙂 I love the many pictures and easy step-by-step instructions. Thank you for all the great recipes!! You’re awesome and an inspiration. May God bless you and your family in this New Year!

  • vika

    Happy anniversary!! Your blog is definitely one of my “Go to places” when i try to figure out what to places and my husband and I really enjoy your dishes (specially goulash and beef stroganoff)… :).
    Good luck on your journey and may God bless you and your family.

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    Would love to see more crockpot recipes! Also would love this mixer in my kitchen 🙂

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  • Sashaa

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  • Luchessa

    Congratulations on your 2 Year Blogiversary Olga! Big milestone indeed!
    I have just recently found your blog, when i was looking for a good Medovik recipe in english, which i could show to my german friends. For 2014 I would definitely love to see more dessert creations on your blog, with some step-by-step pictures that make me want to bake as well. 🙂

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    I guess would love to see more non slavic recipes.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

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    Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  • Nina

    Hi, Olga!
    Thanks much for your tramendous work on your blog. I love your blog and always looking for new recipes. I hope your blog will be more and more popular in the future.
    I’m hoping to find more recipes for slow cooker.
    Happy anyversary !!!!

  • Olga Vorobey

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  • Jules

    Happy blogoversary! I actually found your food blog through your adoption blog about a year ago. I cannot tell you what an inspiration your story has been. I realize we do not know each other but you’ve given me hope when I needed it most. Thank you, Olga, it has been a privilege to watch your blog and family grow over the past year. God bless you, Sergi and your beautiful son!

    As for recipes, I really appreciate the step-by-step photographs and directions.

    Thank you, Olga!

  • Linda

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    Hello 🙂 my name is Nina. I was born into a big family! I lost my mother the day after my 2nd birthday and now have a stepmom! However hoping that she would fill the gaps, she didn’t!! I wasn’t taught to cook,etiquette, be a lady, and perceive my future and possibility of marriage life. Instead i just looked at others like my sister-in-law Anna and two of my married friends that helped me learn to cook at age 17! However now i’m only 18, and still may not know much!! I always look forward to your site and several others as my cooking guidelines 🙂 and im very grateful for that! So a big thank you for taking the role of a cook in my life! I surely have discovered that i love to bake and cook simple and complicated foods!! And i would love to see more of that! I’d like to see more appetizers for parties and food for family dinners that my future husband would enjoy. As of now living with my family, my stepmom doesn’t cook, in which i took that position! So im hoping to see family meals that my father and siblings could take to work for lunch! Also learn some fun recipes with kids that i can teach my nieces and nephews. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to this blog that helped me greatly and many others as well !! Now i can only wish for me to become a great cook like you and possibly in the future to have my own blog someday 🙂

  • Maria

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  • Ana C

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  • Simona

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  • Yulia

    I wish I could share my pictures of your recipies in comments 🙂 I am also waiting for your recipes in your new dutch oven, I have mine for 2 years and it`s still brand new

  • Tatiana

    Hi Olga! Your blog is so good! I just started work on my own blog and all you have done inspires me so much. Most of all I love reading your life stories, they are so interesting and touching. Good luck with the blogging and I would like to read more personal stories this year.

  • Margarita

    Thank you Olga for your blog. You and your husband are doing such a wonderful job. Your Russian recipes bring my childhood memories back. Your personal stories its like watching Lifetime movies. My family and I looking forward for more Russian recipes with American accent. God bless you and your family. Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!!!

  • Tanya

    Congrats Olga on your blog anniversary! I enjoy using your step by step instructions to make different recipes. The pictures help because it shows exactly how it should look. God bless you & your family in all that you do! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  • olga lisichenko

    I love love love your recipes…. they turn out perfect all the time… Your blog is the go-to for a new interesting recipe.
    Congrats and I hope you keep on posting as many yummy and beautiful recipes. And I would agree with you – your husband should do a tutorial on cake decorating – i would love that.
    thank you and God Bless you and your family this year

  • Oksana

    Olga, your blog has made me a better better cook in so many ways. Whenever I make your recipes I always get compliments. You have been a true blessing with your talent to so many of us. Your website has a huge variety of different of foods, so it’s difficult to ask for something more. But I guess I would love to see more salads and crockpot recipes.

  • Julia

    I would love more main course recipes, especially ones that can be made with different types of meat and still taste good. Love your blog and especially the step by step! It’s the best part for me 🙂

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    Olga I think sometimes you are perfect, not like me.I really like your blog, I read every post you put up. Keep up doing great job.
    I would also like to see more posts of food prepared in the oven.
    May God bless you Olga and your all family.

  • Ksenia

    I love, love, love your blog and your step by step instructions. I always print them out and it makes my baking so much easier.

    I would love to see more USSR recipes (receptu po GOSTY)…or anything dessert related!

    You have a gift and I would like to thank you for sharing your gift with us, your readers! 🙂

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    I would love to see Olga share more casserole dishes because I have a big happy family (8) and casseroles are very convenient to make. Thank you!

  • Anna Sokol

    I would love to see more inspirational stories with food. Like interviewing inspirational cooks across Country and getting thier recipies uploaded to your site. Like having a seperate tab on webpage for like Homecooks. Having thier story and thier best dish.
    Creating competitons… and maybe even hosting cooking/bible study events…

  • Katerina Kalyandra

    I would love to see quick recipes that one can make ahead of time – a one pan meal, casseroles, etc.

  • alice

    Olga! Thank you so much for making this blog! You have inspired me cook more in the kitchen. Your recipes are delicious! Happy Blog Anniversary! God Bless your family!

  • Zoryana

    Olga just keep doing what you are doing, I love your recipes and how detailed your instructions are and I would just encourage you to keep blogging!

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  • Kayla Y.

    I’m SO glad I found your blog several months ago and I’ve been reading every post since 🙂 I would love to see more Russian recipes

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    As a full-time student and mother of 3 school aged children, I would love to see more quick recipes and ideas for a busy family that tries to eat healthy.

  • Olga K

    I like simple recipes that use few ingredients, healthy, filling, easy to cook, delicious and at the same time have a twist (unique flavor combinations and ingredients). I am still figuring out my way around in the kitchen as well as working with different ingredients and flavors so I like to try new things as long as I don’t get too intimidated by the prep work. 🙂

  • Nadia Z.

    Happy 2 years anniversary for blogging! I really enjoy your blog & would love to see more cakes such as “Монастырская изба” or “Buche de Noel”. I was looking all over before Christmas and was disappointed not to find a good recipe for “Монастырская изба” and now got a perfect one from a friend! If you want I can email it to you! Love your blog and made chicken n cheese roulade for Christmas! Thank you so much! 🙂

  • rayray cartucci

    I would like to see more non dairy recipes as myself and my son have dairy allergy but your recipes are AMAZING! Happy Blogiversary and wishes for many happy bloggy years to come!

  • Tanya

    Happy blogiversary! I would love to see more kid friendly recipes. I absolutely love your recipes, but it’s not always easy to please my little picky eaters :). It would be great to get some ideas from you!

    Also, can’t wait for the video recipes. There’s nothing like actually watching someone do it!

  • alena

    hello Olga i just want to tell you that i love your blog and all your recipes:) would be great to see Slow cooker recipes :)Thank you for the chance to win:)

  • Inna

    Happy Anniversary!!! Recently i amazed my family with your awesome hazelnut cake roll. I am thankful for the recipe. I would love to see more ideas for fish(love salmon and mahi mahi), salads, and of course cake rolls cause after trying to make one. I feel I am good in them now.

  • Inna

    Happy Anniversary, I enjoy your blog and cook a lot of stuff from here. What I would like to see is that since I’m a busy mom with kids in the house some 30 minute recipes for a family dinner, sometimes you don’t have time to get creative in the kitchen and you need dinner ready quick.

  • Anna

    Love your Blog! I would like to see more freezer friendly meals and maybe some crockpot recipes. Something that will make a mamas life easier 🙂

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  • Alesea

    Happy Blogiversary!!!!!! I would love to see recipes for a pressure cooker… it is gonna be very nice especially for those who are looking for healthy and quick recipes.
    God Bless Your little Familly!

  • Lena S.

    Olga, I am so glad I discovered your blog about year and a half ago. I love reading all of your posts, especially love reading your immigration story because we have so many facts and same big family experiences in common. We came to US in 1991 and into the same airport, I also share same memories of our first grocery store trips, the frustration in school of not knowing the language. Reading and relating to all of those things put a big smile on my face. Your posts inspire me and also help me become a better cook. Thank you so much for all of your hard work that you put in to this blog.

  • Anastasia

    Hi Olga ! Thank you for all your lovely recipes and for the time you put in to make it all happen. I would love to see video recipes ! You have a beautiful family. I enjoy reading your posts especially about your everyday life and adoption. U are an inspiration! Keep up the great work and may God bless you and your growing family. Ps I love seeing the pictures u put up with the little ones … So precious . I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!

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    I’d love to see a post about time management and organization, and excited to see the contents of the notebooks 🙂

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    I would love to see more breakfast recipes as well as meat recipes since those are the biggest meals/ foods in our house. p.s thanks for starting this blog and sharing all your wonderful ideas/ recipes.. I check it on a daily basis!

  • Slavic Alena

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  • Oksana

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    I would like to see some advices after the recipe what to eat along with, also I love one dish casseroles!

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    I am searching the most European recipes that are delicious, and don’t take too long to prepare them. I think there are many mothers with small kids that are looking mostly for something simple because the lack of time. you have great recipes from what i have seen. I am kind of new on this blog, but I love Russian and Ukrainian recipes. They’re close to my “stomach”.:) God bless your family.

  • Yelena

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  • Natasha

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  • Oksana

    Natasha, I have been following your blog for the past year and want to thank you from our family for all of your hard work. I always wanted to learn how to cook our traditional food. However, since I came here as an immigrant child myself…I didn’t know how to cook Russian food. I tried asking around, but every time I kept hearing a pinch of this or that which usually turned out pretty bad for me. I tried Russian websites, but gave up because I had to constantly try to convert measurements to US matrix. Well, it didn’t last long either because it was just too time consuming. So, one day I heard about your blog from one of my friends in Canada. I have to say, I never thought I could learn to cook Russian food this well until your blog. May God bless you and your family for this blog. I hope you will continue sharing your wonderful recipes with me and everyone that visits your blog. It has been a true pleasure and joy watching my family enjoy your recipes! I love everything you post, but agree with Natasha posting above that I would love to utilize my slow cooker more this year. I heard some folks use it to make golupsi and other Russian food. I wonder if it will taste the same, but either way it goes sure would be nice to come home from work to a cooked meal:)

    • Oksana

      I am so sorry, Olya. I read Natasha’s comment above and confused names….I meant to say your name and not Natasha 🙁

  • Ani K

    Olga I love your blog and all your tips on home making and how to be savy in the kitchen. I have learned so much about cooking from your blog. I am so glad that you decided to share your talent with us. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Mariya

    I would love to see more quick and easy (yet delicious) recipes for busy moms with toddlers (like myself) lol – something that does not require a long prepping time, but is practical and tastes good 🙂 … And thank u sooo much Olga for ur hard work!! I look up to u, u are such a hardworking woman! God bless u honey!! 🙂

  • Katya

    Hi Olga=) I love your blog and and am really excited to see videos!! I really enjoy reading about your experiences and tips=) May 2014 be blessed for you and your lovely family=)

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  • Nadia

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    I would love to see some video recipes, some Italian and French baking, and gluten free recipes.
    Thank you!

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    I love reading all your posts and have made many of your dessert recipes. I would love to see more easy recipes with few ingredients for busy cooks.

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    I really enjoy your blog and I really love when you post photos and share moments from your life. May God Bless you and your family in this New 2014 Year!!

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    Olga, your blog is amazing. You have so many good recipes, a lot of them are my favorite. I’m big pork fan, so it would be nice to see more pork recipes, and slow cooker recipes too!
    While i read your posts it feels like i now you, almost can feel you. You are so real in your posts. Thank you for that.

    Thank you for your great recipes!
    Happy New Year!

  • Viktoriya

    Hi Olga,

    I would like to see more seafood recipes this coming year, please!

    And thank you very much for your time & effort in posting these delicious recipes!


  • Julie

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  • Tatyana

    I love your blog, everything that you post. It’s absolutely amazing. I would love to see anything on your blog. I enjoy reading it all the time. I’m very proud of you Olechka!

    • olgak7

      Thanks, Mom! With so many comments, it’s impossible to reply to all of them, but I just HAD to write to you. You are always so supportive and I’m so thankful for that. Thanks for being my inspiration and for being the best Mom any girl could wish for. I will always be thankful to God for blessing my life with you. You are the best!

  • Ksenia

    Olga, I simply like to say thank you for being original and not recreating recipes from other blogs as your own. Congrats on the 2-year blogoversarie!

  • Ksenia

    Olga, A simple Thank You for being original and not recreating recipes from other blogs as your own. Congrats on the 2-year Blogoversarie.

  • Milla

    I would love to see recipes for kids with food allergies. Just recently found out that my 12 month old is Allergic to Cows Milk, eggs, soy, wheat & peanuts…. Everything in stores has all these, so I have to cook & bake everything for him myself! I love your blog Olga… Keep up the good work

  • Starla Bates

    Congrats to you! That is so sweet of your husband, I know you are so very thankful! I would love to see fast meals that can be made and re-heated for the next few days!

  • Katrina T

    I just recently discovered your blog and I am hooked. I really enjoy it. I would like to see more crock pot recipes. God bless you and your family. 🙂

  • Luda g

    It’s been fun going through your blog. I love your blog on saving money by planning your weekly meals. I’m also a big fan of Dave Ramsey. Anyways, I am a big fan of salads so maybe you could add some more of that. God bless 😉

  • Olya Vakoulich

    Hi Olya, you are an inspiration! I really like your take on going back to the basics for recipes and sort of the chemical reasoning behind that (meat cutting, meat origins, chicken broth etc). Knowing the basics and order of ingredients/cooking for desserts, meats and everything else lends a great foundation to allowing your blog followers’ creativity to soar beyond your recipe. That I think is a great direction for the New Year.

  • Luda g

    It’s so nice to see that some women are still interested in cooking at home 🙂 I would to see homemade baby food 🙂

  • Vika

    Love all your recipes,they are so easy and understandably:) thank you for making our life easier ;;)with all yammy recipes!
    You have a Wonderful Family! God bless you guys!

  • Svetlana

    I like every recipe you post! They all are very delicious and when I look at them they inspire me to try as soon as possible! 🙂

  • Russia Babushka

    Hello Olen’ka!!! Our family is sending a big THANK YOU your way for all the recipes you are posting on your blog. According to our vote (3 families) we have decided to send you a gift – a huge Book with thousands and thousands recipes. Enjoy what you love doing the most !!!!
    Please inbox me your address here on face book!!
    Be blessed, dear!!!

  • anna

    I would love to see more easy dinner recepies, I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen since I had my twin girls last year. and with full time job it makes even harder.

  • Nataliya

    Happy Anniversary! Love your recipes, and have enjoyed making a few. Would love to see more of main dishes, like meats and veggies. Blessings to you and yours.

  • Ksenia

    I only recently found your blog, so I still have a lot of recipes that I want to try. I always love seeing Russian recipes and slow cooker recipes, though 🙂

  • Olga vitelar

    I love all the recipes on your blog! I have tried the smoked salmon cake, hazelnut roll and the rasolnik soup! All came out delicious! Love the give away also.

  • Inna

    Happy anniversary Olga, and thank you for this absolutely amazing job you did.
    I really love your blog, ideas, decorations, and presentations. I would love to see recipes of homemade sushi))

  • kristina

    I would love to see more one pot or crock pot recipes. Crock pot recipes are just perfect for me as a working wife. 🙂
    I love your blog!!!

  • Viktoria Plotnikov

    Hi Olga! I love your blog – use it so many times for my meal planning and cooking ) It would be awesome to see some crock pot recipes and also kid friendly foods 😉

  • Jessica

    I would love to see myself using your recipes more often! 😉 The ones I have tried have turned out amazing, and I am so thankful that you take the time to write out the recipes and exact amounts. I don’t do that and neither did my mom, and it’s so true, it never turns out exactly the same :/

  • Ella

    Olga, your style of cooking/baking is similar to my mother’s, I could never get an exact recipe from her because everything was “na glaz”. 😉 I am very glad you decided to take the time to write out the recipes for all of us 1st generation immigrants to keep our Russian culture alive in the US.

  • Yekaterina Smal

    Thanks Olga for this blog!!! I found out about it not long ago, and the first thing I tried to make was “zapekanka.” My husband loved it because he likes manka or oatmeal in the morning.(as he says “something easy in the morning:)We just got married not long ago, and your site has been so helpful. Now for this last couple days I’ve been browsing all around your blog, wanting to try to make everything lol. I don’t even know what u can add to it, because I’m amazed how much you have done here. Thanks, again!

  • Lena

    I LOVE your blog! 🙂 i love that every recipe I make from you, it always turns out perfectly. I haven’t had any fails, which has me coming back 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work and generosity. May God Bless your family 🙂

  • Olga

    Olga, I love your blog and its my mission to try EVERY single recipe you have! I would love if you would do some videos!

  • Tatyana

    Thanks for your recipes Olga.I would like to see more dinner recipes especially in oven and of course baking.Love to bake.

  • Julia K

    Happy 2nd Blogiversary!! I really love your “little kitchen.” Thank you for all that you do! May God dearly bless you and your family in this new year! 🙂

  • Nina

    Love slavic cooking. Would like to see more of daily one dish meals for those days that we all have with little time to cook.

  • Victoria M.

    Dear Olya,
    I am very grateful to God that He have me eyes to see and Ears to hear His Calling. This year I pray that my parents would repent from there sin and see the beauty of the perfect gift Christ gave on the Cross-salvation.
    This year my husband and I will also be praying for a baby. God has blessed us with many years of marriage and we pray he will bless us with expanding our family.
    As for your blog- it would be nice to see a variety of whole grains being used. Most people don’t know ways to eat to be healthy so it would be nice if you shared informational intros to your blog recipes about how to eat. Many diseases & cancers are preventive with a good diet!
    Best to your family for the 2014 year!

  • Liliya

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the work you do and making it so easy for us to make great food. Love the step by step pics.

  • Tanya

    I was very happy to come across your blog. So many great foods to try. I would like to see the measurements/ingredients posted first before instructions, not to have to scroll down each time.

  • Veronika

    I would love to see more Russian food. So that I can keep my Russian roots by making more Russian food. Thank you Olga

  • Hanna

    Оленька, поздравляем!!! Мне очень нравится твой блог!!!! Это – “вкус” и “запах” моего детства….

  • Ana

    2 years of hard work! Congrats and Happy blogaversary!
    I have learned so many tips and tricks and improved in cooking and baking Thanks to you!!!

  • Veronika

    Happy Blogiversary!! I would really like to see more dinner recipes and also on the go quick recipes.
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes your amazing!

  • elena

    I would like to see more of your wonderful cake/sweets recipes… :O)Everything I have tried making of your website has turned out perfect! Thank you!

  • Olga

    Hi Olga 🙂
    You are a very inspiring women!! I’m glad I came upon your blog, keep up the good work 🙂 God Bless You!

  • veronika

    I love your blog, and i love that you put every step a picture, that’s the only way i see cooking something. I first look at pictures then I see if it looks appetizing then I plan to cook it. I would love to see more videos on cakes, and would love if you could put your blog on a book, I would definitely purchase it. My friend introduced me with your blog 1 year ago and after that I was cooking and baking more, my family is surprised by my cooking/baking, only because of your amazing job. You are so blessed. Wish you an amazing year. May God bless you richly.
    Veronika, WA

  • Julie I

    Love your blog, And would love to see more and more great recipes 🙂 God bless you and your little family :))))

  • Marina

    Great Recipes! Would love to see more varieties of different ways to make potatoes and different types of pasta. Also how to make great creams for cakes. Thank you for your hard work!

  • Lana

    Great Blog Olga!!! Thank you for all the time you put into all this work!! I would love to see more Russian recipes especially desserts. International recipes would be great as well. Also it would be great if you had different recipes for parties, such as what you would put together (main course, sides, salads, desserts, etc.) Diet food would be great too!! Thanks again. God Bless. 🙂

  • Larysa


    I would love to have a book of your recipes. Plus post more new recipes that will satisfy Slavic tastes but are new to us. Thanks a lot for your time on blogging!

  • Dewi

    First of all Happy Blog Anniversary! What I would like to see more on your blog are kids food recipes. Thanks and God Bless You!

  • Svetlana

    First if all i love your story of how you came about to cooking. I love to cook and especially try new recipes. I would love to see more quick to fix recipes. Something thats quick but also good as if it required a lot of preparation (and it doesnt necessarily have to be russian food). Also I would love to see more cakes that have many small layers (such as spartak). There are many that you can find online but they are either in russian or romanian.

  • Diana

    I would love to hear more about the little boys and girls that you are taking care of. Thank you for all the yummy recipes you have shown yes!

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