Decorating a Cake With a Chocolate Petal Design

IMG_7530 (500x334)I am not a very artistic person, so when I find designs that are really easy to execute, I am so stoked. Doesn’t this design look like a million bucks? If I saw this cake somewhere, I would definitely be impressed, but it took about 10 minutes to decorate and was SO easy. You’ll see exactly what I mean.
I have the recipe for the frosting and the cake, so check those out, Chocolate Strawberry Layer Cake.

Start by frosting the cake with a thin layer of frosting, to make the surface smooth and even. IMG_7522 (500x334)Place the frosting that you’ll be using for the chocolate petal design in a piping bag fitted with a large round tip. Pipe out small dots all around the edge of the cake. IMG_7525 (500x334)Since I was making really small petals, I used the tip of a small teaspoon to swipe down from the middle of the circle towards the center of the cake. If you want to make bigger petals, you can use a small straight edge spatula.

Repeat with another layer of dots and go all the way around the cake. Finish with one dot in the center.IMG_7526 (500x334)

IMG_7530 (500x334)

For a detailed tutorial on how to make the Chocolate Cage/border around the cake, click HERE.


  • nadya

    AMAZING! i love to decorate but never have time as a mom for fancy time consuming cakes, this is perfect .I can surprise my husband on his birthday with this. oh and the chocolate cage too! thanks so much Olga i love your site when ever i run out of ideas!

    • olgak7

      I’m so glad this technique caught your eye. The less fuss and time in decorating, the better, in my opinion. Have fun on your husband’s birthday. I usually do a simple party for my husband’s birthday, but this year we threw him a surprise party. You can read more about it here. It was a lot of fun.

  • Alla

    Hi Olga! Could I simply omit the cocoa powder and make this frosting vanilla and it would still pipe and make a petal design just as well? I am making a sea themed cake and wanted to pipe it on the sides. Do you think it would hold well? Thanks!

    • olgak7

      Hi Alla. Yes, you can omit the cocoa powder. It should work out just as well, since it’s not giving structure to the frosting, just flavor.

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