Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks pregnant

I have been in my third trimester for the past few weeks, and let me tell you, it feels wonderful knowing how close we are to the delivery day. It sounds awesome to say that the baby will be born NEXT MONTH! As I have already explained before, I will be having a c-section the last week of February, when I am 37-38 weeks pregnant. I am so excited to meet this little guy. I can’t wait to see him and hold him in my arms.

I promised you a pregnancy update, since so many of you are writing e-mails and messages asking how I’m feeling and wishing us all the best. You are incredible. I am so touched by all the support, prayers and encouragement. To be honest, I don’t really like talking about this pregnancy because it feels like I’m whining and complaining too much.  I don’t want to be fake though, so here goes – my attempt to be honest but not moan and groan the whole time.

Even though I am already 7 1/2 months pregnant, I haven’t gained any weight yet. That’s kind of a weird problem to have, huh? There were a few times that I thought I gained a pound or two and would excitedly call Sergi and my  mom, but I always end up losing it. So far, I haven’t gained a single pound. That seems absolutely crazy to me. The baby, on the other hand, is gaining weight just like he’s supposed to and is actually the perfect size. He’s draining it all out of me, apparently. It’s really entertaining to see the faces of the techs when they start doing my ultrasound and are absolutely shocked that the baby is so much bigger than they expected based on the size of my belly:).


At the doctor’s. 26 weeks pregnant.

I am still having nausea and other GI issues, which is why I’m not gaining any weight and why I desperately need fluids and electrolytes. Right now, I still get IV fluid infusions very day for 5 hours and because of my PICC line and blood clot, get shots every day for that. The doctors are monitoring my labs every week and I also go for office visits every week, from the time I was 28 weeks pregnant and until I deliver. I usually feel good from about 10 in the morning until about 3 in the afternoon. ANY reprieve is a treat though, so I’ll take it.

I am extremely thankful for the days when I feel good and can get some chores done or get out of the house at least for a few hours.

Out and about:). I love looking for new books for our son.

Out and about:). This was at 26 weeks also.  I love looking for new books for our son.

Tea, toast, soups and applesauce are my good friends. Many of you have written me suggestions on what helps relieve nausea. Unfortunately, my nausea is not caused by normal pregnancy hormones, but is caused by my short bowel syndrome, so all the usual remedies don’t work. The pregnancy just really intensified all of my normal GI issues. I think you all are so sweet and thoughtful; it just warms my heart. I have to say it again, thank you so much for your support and prayers.


Tea is my favorite thing in the world right now.

It is scary thinking about all the things that could go wrong and worrying that I’m not gaining any weight. I have to remind myself to trust in God and try to focus on the positive, but sometimes, those worrisome thoughts still creep in. Since I’m a nurse, sometimes that makes it even worse, since I know too much. Thank God for watching over our baby and keeping his development right on track. Every week when I go for a doctor’s visit, I breathe a sigh of relief when once again, he looks perfect.

As I look back on this past year, the task oriented, type A personality of mine has struggled to accept that I’ve had to put so many goals and plans on hold.

I had to stop working and go on medical leave. The garden I had planned to start did not happen and I was too sick to care. I can start that later.

The videos I was going to record for this blog didn’t happen either. I got behind in blogging, answering comments, e-mails and engaging in social media.

Cooking has always been therapeutic for me, so it feels wonderful when I can spend a few hours in the kitchen and feel like my old self at least for a little while. We end up throwing away so much food, which is AWFUL, but most of the time by the time I’m done cooking, I can’t even look at the food, much less eat it. We’ve figured out that we can deliver the food to our families so it doesn’t go to waste. A lot of the blogging food from the past month was shared with family, which was a great deal for me and them. At least my husband isn’t starving either.

MakingsoupEvery year I bake lots of cookies to give as gifts to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for Christmas. This year, I had to realize that baking cookies wasn’t going to be an option.  Besides the few new recipes that I shared on the blog, I didn’t do any holiday baking. Most of those were given away too. The beautiful Mandarin cake? We only ate one slice and took the rest to a family get together. The Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars? Maybe we had 3 pieces, tops. The meatloaf still gives me nightmares, even though I know I would have really enjoyed it normally. The cookies were given away too. Apparently I only like very bland, boring food right now. Having a healthy appetite is so valuable! Don’t forget that, please.

Most house projects didn’t happen either. Not only that, but Sergi had to step in to help with simple home tasks, like cooking, cleaning and laundry.

I really feel like I’ve been hibernating throughout most of this pregnancy and not having any guests over like we normally do or going out for fun outings in the evenings and weekends.

Editing a blog post. Drinking tea, of course. That pretty blue "purse" is actually my IV and pump.

Editing a blog post. Drinking tea, of course. That stylish blue “purse” is actually my IV and pump.

You know what though? Whenever I’m tempted to complain and wallow in self-pity, (and I do complain and feel sorry for myself) I’m reminded of so many things that God has already done and is always doing in my life. There are different seasons in life, and this is just one of them. I know that all of this is only temporary and it’s absolutely worth it for the birth of our Nathaniel – which is why we chose that name, it means “God’s gift”.

I am beyond grateful to be alive, relatively healthy and am so in love with our son and thankful for his miraculous existence. My favorite thing about this pregnancy is the connection I feel with this precious child. I never get tired of feeling him move. Lately he’s been moving so much it’s almost as if he’s turning somersaults in there.

relaxing-1Every day, I realize how incredibly blessed I am to live in this country, in this century and have the benefits of modern medicine. I am able to stay home and receive medical care every day without being hospitalized.

We spent Christmas with my family at my parent’s house in New York. I thought that we wouldn’t be able to go at all this year, but with lots of planning, phone calls  and modern conveniences, it all worked out. We flew instead of driving and all my medical supplies were shipped right to their house. How awesome is that?

Even though I didn’t do much at all while we were there, I loved being surrounded by my family and being in my childhood home once again.

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner

We had a beautiful Christmas with my family. This year we really kept it simple and tried to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. It was wonderful. Every Christmas seems to get better and better.

Christmas 2014-1-7

My beautiful family. We are really expanding. I can’t believe we are all married.

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24 I love this verse from the Bible. I also really love this song; it’s been playing on repeat in my mind for months.

Every day that I feel good is like a generous gift straight from heaven. For me, it’s like a breath of fresh air or a drink of water in the desert. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I get tearful whenever I get to enjoy a good day, simply because it feels great to feel good.

Even though I sometimes feel like I whine all the time, I also feel extremely thankful, more so than usual, because I don’t take simple things for granted. I really do have “10,000 reasons for my heart to find to bless the Lord and worship His holy name.”

Floridians enjoying the snow! Even though it was only for 12 minutes:).

Floridians enjoying the snow! Even though it was only for 12 minutes:).


  • Oksana

    It’s wonderful that you’re able to keep us all updated. God bless you and Sergey and your son. And the complaining and whining? Some of us have it better and we still find things to complain and whine about. You’ve been through a lot, and it’s great though to hear that you’re still thankful for so many blessings that God has over you. He is the only one to be praised. I really do hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes fast for you. Enjoy the baby move inside, it’s incredible and amazing to know that you are carrying inside of you precious life.

  • elena

    Olga, u r amazing….u r one tough girl…i always get inspired by your posts . I cannot believe how close u r to meeting ur son 🙂 how exciting 🙂 i only know u through ur blog but i am very excited for you 🙂 iam one of those women that didn’t gain weight during my pregnancy too and i have 3 perfectly healthy beautiful kids…so don’t let that worry you. God is in control and everything will be good . 🙂 i love that song also…so true

    • olgak7

      Being small while pregnant runs in our family:). My Mom and my sister were all tiny and all the babies were a normal size, more than 7 lbs, and even more than 10lbs:).
      The concern with my pregnancy is not that I am small, but because I am malnourished because of the short bowel syndrome, critically low electrolyte levels, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. God is faithful, though, and He will take care of both me and the baby.

  • Merle

    I found your blog earlier this year and went back and read old posts. I am so happy for you, your husband and family. How blessed you two and Nathaniel are to be together. When I saw your picture in the book store I just had to tell you about a series of books. They are The Sheep series by Nancy E. Shaw. They are Sheep in a Jeep, Ship on a ship and so on. I read them to my children and now my grandchild. Nathaniel will probably like them best when he is a little older, but I think you will love them! I liked them just as much as the children (OK maybe more). They are silly rhyming book, just fun. You take care of yourself and I will say a prayer for you all.

  • Tatyana

    You are such a brave person. Thank you for taking time to share your story. It’s such an inspiration. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

  • Maryna

    First of all I am very excited for you like I would be for myself 🙂 I had a very complicated pregnancy myself. Up into third trimester I suffered extreme eczema I couldn’t even move without pain. I had friends and family pray and felt horrible having my husband doing my housework. So I can say my husband is truly a blessing and I can tell yours is too 🙂 keeping you in my prayers. I currently have a wonderful baby girl and seriously, when you hold that baby, all the pain is so worth it!

  • Natasha

    You’ve been a trooper this past year! I can say that God is watching over your wonderful family. I’m thankful for your blog and have used many of your recipes. My favorite quote; count your blessings!!! It’s truly amazing how much God loves us and may he continue to bless your family!!!

  • Olga G

    Thank you for updating on your pregnancy. You are beautiful inside and out and I will continue to pray for you and your family. May God blessings OVERFLOW in your life.

  • Elizabeth S.

    Making a baby is hard work and you don’t have to apologize for anything that gets put on the back burner for this season! With a 2 yr old I still sometimes have a hard time (emotionally) not being able to do things like I could before or get the same quality. Hopefully you’ll be able to hang on to blogging or another activity you like, in order to stay sane. 😉 You’re doing such a great job, hang in there! After the baby comes you might not be the center of attention anymore, but you will always be a superhero!

    • olgak7

      Thank you, Elizabeth:). There are different seasons in life, sometimes we can get more done than others. I’m looking forward to having Nathaniel in my arms instead of in my belly, but then it will be a different type of busyness:).

  • tania

    I had to look pretty close at your family picture to figure out who the mom of the family is. You’re mom looks incredibly young. Both actually your mom and you’re dad.
    Congrats again on your pregnancy, hang in there 🙂

  • Kel

    Olga – Thank you for the update – so inspiring it brought tears to my eyes. I will keep you and your son in my prayers. He is a miracle boy and all the trouble will be worth it! You are an inspiration and glad you have been able to take time away from work too.

  • Lena

    May God bless you and keep you and your little one safe until he is safely in your arms.

    Psa 20:2 (19:3) Да пошлет тебе помощь из Святилища и с Сиона да подкрепит тебя.
    Psa 20:4 (19:5) Да даст тебе по сердцу твоему и все намерения твои да исполнит.
    Psa 20:5 (19:6) Мы возрадуемся о спасении твоем и во имя Бога нашего поднимем знамя.
    Да исполнит Господь все прошения твои.

  • Andrea Rebeck

    65 years ago, my mom was ordered to spend the last several months of her pregnancy in bed, doing no lifting, chores, nothing — not even vacuuming. She was an energetic, creative young woman just like you, but she was having problems with the pregnancy, and was determined to bring it to a successful conclusion. Well, I can tell you that I’m mighty grateful she made that sacrifice, taking good care of both of us. I’m sure Nathaniel will thank you, too, when he is old enough to realize what you’ve done for him.

    Blessings to you and your wonderful family.

  • Olga I

    Your blog made me cry! In a good way. Even I don’t know you and we have never met but Iyour blog, your stories, and testimonies touched my heart so deeply. So it feels like you are a friend I care about. And we are…. We are God’s family and our stories are His story! I am praying that your pregnancy and your baby will be fine. To whom else God will give His gifts and blessing if not to His children! I do believe that everything will be fine! We have His promise: “They (faithful followers) experience His favor; their descendants inherit the land” Ps.25:13
    Many blessings, Olga, Tampa Bay Area

    • olgak7

      Here’s what I wrote to another reader:
      “Being small while pregnant runs in our family:). My Mom and my sister were all tiny and all the babies were a normal size, more than 7 lbs, and even more than 10lbs:).
      The concern with my pregnancy is not that I am small, but because I am malnourished because of the short bowel syndrome, critically low electrolyte levels, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. God is faithful, though, and He will take care of both me and the baby.”

  • marianna

    you are a strong person, i thank you very much for your blog. i also have stomach issues and have been trying to figure out whats going on for the past year and a half, but God is amazing he is helping me realize through all of this that i need to trust him more and give everything to him and he will deliver me and everyone who trursts in him completely out all the hardships we are in. i pray and hope all goes well for you and that you deliver a healthy beautiful boy and most of all i hope he brings you joy and happines throughout all your life. be blessed and dont give up, God is close!!!

    • olgak7

      I’m sorry you’re going through GI issues, Marinanna. They are NOT fun. I fully sympathize.
      God is so good and I am thankful that He is with me no matter what comes my way.

  • Courtney

    Olga, I’ve been reading your blog since last spring, I believe. I’ve loved following you along your journey. So wish I lived in Florida with you! (Not in PA in this freezing cold!) I am so excited about your little guy coming into the world. I have one son, who’s twenty months, and I am only ten weeks pregnant with my second. They are worth it! From what I have read, you are going to be a fantastic mother, just as have you have been as a foster mother. I am so excited for you… you could not be a more deserving person! You definitely are a wonderful homemaker, too! So happy for you and your husband!

  • Lu

    Olga, thank you so much for your updates! I absolutely love reading your blog. Your family is a big inspiration to me. Many times, when I’m going through hard times I read your posts and find encouragement and remember to be thankful for all I’ve got and for my beautiful family. I have a little precious boy who’s almost a year old, he’s sooo much fun, but I still miss those special feelings of him kick and move inside of me. So, enjoy those special moments:)
    You are really strong, and you’re almost there! I’m excited to meet your precious boy:) You are in my prayers. Wishing you and your family God’s blessings!

  • Joyce

    I had surgery on my colon before I met my wonderful Godly husband, got married. The day we got engaged, we prayed and asked the Lord for a son. I got pregnant soon after the wedding while we were in Bible School….later we were pastors of a wonderful church in Md. My colon was too short and our baby was not growing and I was not gaining weight. The doctor put me on a lot of cheese, and dairy products to gain weight. And with tons of prayer and clinging to His wonderful promises, our amazing son was born perfectly healthy, and has rarely ever been sick. We will stand with you in prayer and know the Lord is in control and you will be fine. You have a wonderful testimony for Christ and I know how pleased He is with your love for Him and the way you also trust in Him through it all. Your testimony is a blessing to all of us!

  • Irina

    Hi Olga,
    Happy New Year to you and your family! glad to see your pregnancy is progressing well. You are doing a wonderful job!
    thank you for sharing and keeping us updated. I think video bloging will be a great idea. All the best for 2015!

  • Mila

    Olga, thanks for sharing your struggles and happiness with your bloggers. I have been following your blog for the last 2 years or so and always find it encouraging and love your recipes. You are a strong women of God and although it’s been hard for you to go through so many challenges, you seem to still have a positive outlook on life and at the same time manage to encourage us as well. I am so happy that your son is growing healthy and that in few weeks you will get to hold him in your arms. What a wonderful gift God has given you and I praise God that He is fulfilling your hearts desires. I will continue to pray for you and that God continues to help you with few more weeks of pregnancy. Can’t wait to see pictures of your little blessings. May God continue to give you strength, peace, joy and health.

    • olgak7

      What a lovely comment, Mila. I really appreciate all the kind words, comments, and prayers. God has been so good to us and we are SO thankful for all His blessings. Even when things are tough, He is by our side and gives us the strength to get through it.
      We are really excited to finally see our son and have him part of our life.

  • Alesia Tsytsyn

    Wow! what a beautiful update. So honest, but so encouraging. I teared up reading. (might be because I’m pregnant also)

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