Big News! We’re Pregnant!

Surprise! Sergi and I are going to have a baby!

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. The past few months have felt so surreal and incredible. It’s still hard for me to believe that I am writing this post.

12 weeks, 4 days pregnant at the time of this picture

12 weeks, 4 days pregnant at the time of this picture

I was actually almost 9 weeks pregnant when I took the home pregnancy test. After 7  years of not being able to conceive a child, it was something I didn’t really think about as a possibility anymore. Life was also extremely hectic at that time, so it really took us by surprise.

I had plenty of pregnancy symptoms but didn’t give them too much thought. Nausea and vomiting is normal for me, with all my GI issues, so pregnancy didn’t even cross my mind. I also noticed that I was extremely tired, but we were moving, remodeling the new house, had a 6 month old that still woke up several times a night to eat and a very active 5 year old. Of course I was tired! This might be a little TMI:), but it was also normal for me to miss my periods during really stressful and busy times in life, so I didn’t take that into account either. We soon had to say good bye to our two boys, so that really added to my already hyper emotional stress, and I thought I was weepy and hormonal because of so many events occurring in such a short amount of time.

One night, I was preparing salmon for dinner. I had been craving it and was really looking forward to digging in. As the salmon roasted in the oven and the smell of it started wafting through the house, all of a sudden I was hit with a wave of nausea. I thought that was really strange since I had been feeling great and love the smell of fish. I couldn’t even eat it and the smell bothered me for the rest of the night. During the next few days, I again got really nauseous when I was roasting a chicken and making chicken broth. Even the thought of meat really turned my stomach. That is when the wheels in my mind started turning. I thought of all my other symptoms and I mentioned to Sergi that I might be pregnant. With my first pregnancy, I had all the same symptoms, especially being really bothered by the smell, sight and thought of meat.

It seemed like such an absurd thought, to be even considering pregnancy, that I was scared to take the pregnancy test.  I had taken several of them throughout the years and all of them had been negative, so I braced myself and tried not to get my hopes up so I wouldn’t be too disappointed. Almost immediately, I could see TWO pink lines. I was so astonished I was speechless for a minute, but as soon as I gathered my wits about me, I ran out of the bathroom to find Sergi. We were so ecstatic and SHOCKED. I didn’t even know how to react. It didn’t seem real at all.

Beautiful flowers from my husband the day after we found out we were having a baby

Beautiful flowers from my husband the day after we found out we were having a baby

I called my doctor the very next day, and was referred to a high risk OB. (More about that in the next post.) I had to wait a few weeks until my first appointment, and during that time I was an emotional wreck. I really feel sorry for Sergi, who had to live with me and deal with it all, but he was as sweet and understanding as always. My worst fear was that I would come to my doctor’s appointment and be told that I wasn’t really pregnant.

When we had came to that first appointment and they took us into the room to get the ultrasound, my heart was beating so fast, I was sure the tech could hear it. I will never forget the relief and happiness that flooded through my whole being when I saw that precious baby pop up on the screen. I still cry when I think about it. From that moment on, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. We were actually going to have a baby. Pregnancy Announcement-1-9

We are so thankful for our miracle child. God has already done so many miracles in my life, that I just stand back in awe and marvel how awesome He is. My actual due date is March 12, but since I will need to have a c-section, the baby will be born the week before that, at 39 weeks, so sometime the first week of March. Please keep us in your prayers. This pregnancy has been quite difficult and I’ve been really sick for most of it. I really don’t mind, though. It’s all worth it for a healthy baby.

I will share more details in another post, possibly tomorrow, since this post is already long enough. I will write about how we shared the news with our families, more about how I’ve been feeling, more pictures and other happy baby stuff. Thank you for sharing our joy!


  • Julia

    Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!!! Wow!!! I can’t imagine how happy you are! Finally a child of your own who will be by your side for the rest of your life!!!! I am so happy and can’t believe this news!! Congratulations Olichka!! I am so happy! God Bless you and your little malish!!

  • Julia @Vikalinka

    Olya, what incredible news! Congratulations to you and your husband! I only you through your blog and I am absolutely overwhelmed to hear you are expecting. How amazing is our God! Many blessings! Doctors always said to me that nausea is a sigh of healthy pregnancy! Absolutely thrilled! 🙂

  • Helen Kobzar

    Olga, I sooooooo happy for you! As I was reading this article, tears of joy was coming out of my eyes. In my previous comments with you i told you, in my spirit i wanted to bless you with a baby! God is so good! He loves to bless His children! You are huge blessing to me and many others! In other words you deserve this!!! Love, Helen

  • Viktoriya

    Yayyyy!! Olga, although I do not know you personally, I follow all your blog posts and I am extremely excited for you and your husband! I am blessing you with a wonderful pregnancy and healthy baby! May God watch over you and your growing family! You’re an inspiration and your recipes are the BEST! Out of all the cooking blogs that I follow, the most recipes that I make are yours! Thank you! Keep us posted! (:

  • Oksana

    God’s grace and love is just amazing! Those are just the best news. He is an awesome God. The other children left your household, but God is giving you a gift of hope, your very own child. I’m giving you a big hug now.

  • Luba

    Olga!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously cried when I read this! Even though I don’t know you in person, it just touched my heart!!!! I am 31 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I remember reading about your first pregnancy, and your challenges throughout the last couple years. May God be with you throughout this pregnancy!!! I will definitely be praying! Congrats to you and Serge!!!!!!

    **side note, I think it’s the most interesting thing how both you AND Natasha (NatashasKitchen) are both pregnant at the same time, with the exact same pregnancy week (I believe she is 15 weeks as well). How cool is that!!! 🙂 Two of the bloggers I follow most often, both pregnant, and both utterly surprised at the pregnancy! God is good 🙂

  • Oksana K

    Congratulations Olga! 😀 After reading your posts about adoption, about your past, your illness I really feel like i know you personally, and was always bummed by the thought that you can’t have your own children! This is the most exciting news I’ve heard in a while overall! I’m extremely happy for both you and Sergi, and i know for sure that God is on your side and He’ll be with you always and is blessing your child as we speak! May He protect and bless you and your growing family daily, may He provide you with all you need. Take care! <3 😀

  • vita

    Congratulations Olya!!! May God bless your pregnancy and your baby!!! I can only imagine how happy and excited you are!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes good and you feel better:)I will keep you and your baby in my prayers!

  • Dina

    Words cannot describe how happy I’m for you guys!!!! I cried as I red this post, so so happy for you Olichka and your husband!

  • Anna

    Hi Olga, SO HAPPY for you Both! I know it was a Long Journey for you and I hope you will get the Bundle of Joy you’ve been waiting for so long. Ours came after 16 years of marriage and dozens of procedures. Mine is 11 now and we Adore our Son EVERY DAY! I hope the same for you! We actually not far from you, Brandon FL. I do the same thing as you – Food Blogger, FB and Pinterest for now. Check me out, sometimes.


  • Marina

    Another confirmation of what a Mighty God we serve! Congratulations!!! I don’t know you but I feel like I do. I have followed your story and cried and prayed for you at times carrying maby an ounce of your pain here and there.:) I can only imagine your joy! I remember my moment of shock and running out of the bathroom when I fianally got a positive test after years of trying! Truly the smile doesn’t come of your face even with the most terrible nausea and sickness! May God Almighty bless you and your child and keep you safe all the days of your life!!!!! So excited to hear more!

    • Cindy M.

      Great news! I have not been following your blog for very long but long enough to see that you both have such loving hearts & so much care for others! God bless!!!

  • Natasha of

    Olga Congratulations!!! I’m so incredibly happy for you. I didn’t realize we were both due the same time. I am due March 7th! God bless you dear and bless your little babe with beauty, grace, wisdom, super smarts, many talents and a heart for the Lord. 🙂

  • Anya

    Congratulations to you Olga and Sergi!! This is the most amazing news ever!!!!!! I’ve been following your blog for years and always loved seeing how God is working in your life. With everything that you have been through and yet you continue to remain faithful and hopeful. When I saw the new blog post summary on FB I cried with joy! God is so amazing!!!! Even in my life I have seen that our Heavenly Father ALWAYS has a plan for our lives and it is always better than we ever imagined. May the rest of your pregnancy be blessed!! I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Inna

    Congratulations! I had tears in my eyes the entire time reading this! Praise the Lord!!!!!! May He bless you throughout your entire pregnancy and labor/delivery!!!!! Very happy for you guys! Hope you feel better soon =)

  • Luda

    Olga, I am so excited and happy for you and your husband! This is truly a miracle! May God bless you and your little one. May He protect your health, and protect your baby! You had me crying the whole time as I was reading this post. SO SO Happy for your little growing family! Be blessed!! <3

  • Luda

    Olga!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! God is amazing!!! He is blessing you with a child, hard to believe, but with God everything is possible! I love reading your storries. Keep us updated! May God bless your pregnancy, and the baby! Congratulations!!

  • Zoya

    Wow! Congratulations Olga!!! I’m SOO happy for you! I’ve been following your blog for as little while now and your story made me sad and I really hoped and prayed a few times for God to give you a baby. I’m SO happy for you guys! God is amazing! May God bless you, your pregnancy, your new baby and family!!! I’ll keep you all in my prayers for a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

  • Olga Vorobey

    Reading this post definitely brought me to tears…I am so happy for you and am so thankful that God has blessed you with this amazing miracle especially after everything you have been through..May God Bless you and the little one throughout the whole pregnancy..My 2 favorite bloggers are both pregnant and due around the same time…lol…so exciting…Congratulations and God’s Blessings.

  • Jody Garber

    What a mighty God we serve! We brought home three children from Russia and then had a surprise baby! What a special experience it has been. With our three adoptions and our surprise we were blessed with four children in four years! Blessings to you and Sergei…

  • Oksana

    Olga I am so happy for you. When I saw the post with your news I had to blink a few times to make myself believe that I wasn’t seeing things. All I could think about after that was that nothing is impossible for our God. He is a God of miracles. I’m praying everything goes well for you. Again, I cannot explain how happy I felt, it was as though I was the one with the happy news to share.

  • Alena

    I have been following your story since the first time I visited your website. No words of mine can express the joy that I am feeling for you and your husband. May God bless you abundantly. You truly are an inspiration to me.

  • Yuliya

    I feel like having a cake and party! So thrilled to hear such good news. Of course, you don’t know me but that’s no biggie. Your blogs are a testimony of love of our Lord Savior. Cannot wait to read more about your new little love. May God bless the pregnancy and delivery!

  • Sveta R

    Your post made me cry from joy for you! I knew that God can do a miracle in your life and give you a baby (I even prayed that He would) and of course He did! 🙂 Congratulations, I am extremely happy for you!!!!! 🙂

  • blueberry

    Olga!!! I couldn’t hold my tears…. I’m so happy for you!!! May God bless you and your little one!!! You are in my prayers!!!!

  • Mila L.

    What an awesome news! So happy for you and Sergi! I have been following your blog and learning that your adoption felt through and how much love you put into fostering those boys, I was just praying that God will grant you your heart desires and give you a child or two. God can perform miracles and so glad He is granting one for you. You have so much love to give and deserve to be a mother! Will now start praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Keep us updated. God’s blessings to the 3 of you!

  • Olga G

    I am beyond excited for you and your husband! I couldn’t be any happier if my own sister told me she was pregnant. What amazing news! 🙂

  • Karina

    I am SO excited for you guys! Been following your blog for quiet some time and this is just an amazing news! May God bless you and your pregnancy! You deserve it! Congratulations!

  • Alla Y

    Wow,Olga! Congratulations to you and Sergey! I am beyond happy for you to guys! This is the most amazing news and just the exact thing I’ve been dreaming and wishing for you guys for! All glory to God! May God bless you and your pregnancy!!!

  • julia

    The words can not explain how happy I am for you! You were blessed from heaven for your dedication and a servants heart. Congratulations!!!

  • Rita

    Olga I cried while reading your post. My God bless your pregnancy and like you said ” it will worth it” even with all the sickness

  • Masha L

    I dont think ive ever been this happy for a person that I personally dont know. I ve been following your story and I am so happy for you!! May God Bless you! I will be praying for you!

  • Jessica

    Olga, congratulations to you and your family! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I am so happy to hear about the blessings of the Lord in your life. Peace to you and Sergei! I look forward to reading about this next journey 🙂

  • Kel

    Soooo happy for you both! You are already wonderful parents. I will pray for you and your precious baby. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself and not worry. God is in control!

  • Katya

    Woow!!! Congratulations!! I was so sxcited when I saw ur post on Instagram!! I am so happy for you! God bless your pregnancy!:))))) u r in my prayers!

  • Olchik

    Olga, i am truly so happy for you guys! God is awesome! I couldnt help myself, but just cry like a little baby throughout the whole time reading your post! May Gob Bless you! Keeping you in my prayers!

  • Nadia

    I’m SO HAPPY for you dear! Tears of joy coming down here 🙂 I’ve been thinking alot about your family and told my husband how incredibly strong you guys are, for everything that you went thru… I have faith that God will bless you with a healthy baby and His name will be glorified! Will be praying for you! Yay, still can’t believe that you’re pregnant!!!!

  • Tanya

    This is SO AMAZING!! yay! I’m so so excited and thrilled for you guys!! I thank God for this blessing, He is so good 🙂 Blessings on you and your lil growing baby inside you 🙂

  • Estera

    I’m so happy to hear the big news. 🙂 I pray that God will bless you with a healthy baby that will bring you lots of joy & happiness (as you brought to others). Wishing you a healthy pregnancy & all the best.
    God Bless you & your hubby !

  • Tanya

    I’m just thrilled for you, with tears in my eyes kind of thrilled! May The Lord bless your pregnancy and your growing family abundantly!

  • Tanya

    Congratulations! We serve and awesome and amazing God! God bless the rest of your pregnancy! So, so, so excited and happy for you (even though you don’t know me at all) 🙂

  • Darlene

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! I am so happy for the both of you.

    Everyone will be giving you advice about the baby so let me say…take all the advice you get and throw it out the window and just do what is right for you and your baby. Remember when you are breastfeeding that neither one of you knows what you are doing.

    You two have so much love in your hearts that your baby is going to be truly blessed to have you for parents.

  • Sashaa

    These are the best news !!!! Congratulations, i have a tear on my eye, reading your blog for awhile and was amazed by your and Sergi perseverance !!! Your fellow Floridian , im so happy for you guys !

  • Elza

    Wow Olga, I was so excited to read that you are pregnant! God is so good! Psalm 113:9 “He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord!”

  • Nely

    Sooo excited for you!!! I was crying reading this because I read all your posts and knew your story and prayed to God that one day you will have your own precious baby to keep and love and enjoy forever! God answered your prayers and people that were praying for you, Praise be to God!

  • Golda

    Dear Olya!! I don’t know you in person, but I’m your follower for a while… So I kind of “know” you… And when I saw your post in my email, it just made my day!!! It;s the happiest thing that could happen!! I’m so happy for you and your family and wishing you easy pregnancy, fast delivery and a healthy baby!!! God is GOOD!!! He saw all the good things that you two did and praised you with this miracle!! Stay safe!! xoxo Golda

  • Natasha

    Olichla I am so so so happy for you and your husband !!!!!!!!!!!!! And while reading your posts about adoption about your hard work to have children I always believe deap in my heart that you will have your own children 🙂 i don’t know why 🙂 I was crying from JOY when I saw these wonderful news !!!!!!! May God bless you and your husband and new baby and I will pray for your health so you could have a healthy baby 🙂 our God so good !!! He helped for me too to have naturally I had my 4 child thru c-section and 5th and 6th I had naturally again ! Любящим Бога призванным по Его изволению все содействует ко благу.

  • razieh

    Congratulations Olga
    I’m one of your blog readers
    I was very happy when I read the news of your pregnancy
    I wish health and happiness for your family

  • DCfan

    Congrats to both of you!! I have been away from my desk for a work trip and was completely surprised to see the blog posts that I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks! My best wishes for a healthy second and third terms, Olga.

  • olga

    O, congrats too you Olga. that is a happy news.Didn’t have a baby for seven yrs & finely having a baby wow!Hope things go good, & baby healthy. May God Bless you give u strength to bring your baby on earth. Do you have a feeling who it might be? when we found out that i was prego. we new wright away it will be a girl she we had a girl Ella, she is almost 1 born almost a month early, but it’s worth having them.

  • Yuliya

    Olga, im so happy for you & Sergey. Cant read this amazing news without tears ! May God continue to bless your family!!!

  • Olga

    Наши поздравления! Обильных Божьих благословений!
    Виталик и Ольга Мялик

  • Monika

    Congratulations! I haven’t been visiting much lately so I missed the news! But reading your last post I knew something was up 🙂 I am very, very happy for both of you. We have 8 month old that is our miracle baby too. He is such a joy! Will keep you in my prayers.

  • Evelina

    I accidentally stumbled across your blog while searching for dinner inspiration and ended up reading posts about your life. I’m so glad that this magical thing happened to you as both of you seem to be so nice and you definitely deserve this! Hope everything will go well! 🙂

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