Crusty No-Knead Bread

Crusty, chewy and soft – this no-knead method of making bread is so easy with results that will rival a bakery. 

Homemade bread is magical. With a handful of very simple ingredients, and just a large mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and some muscles, you can mix up the dough, set it aside to rise and go about your business. There is no kneading involved and shaping the dough into a loaf takes just a minute or two.

The bread has a crusty and golden exterior and is so soft and just a bit chewy. It is perfect to serve with a warm bowl of soup, as the base of a sandwich and fresh out of the oven is the best of all. There are so many versions of this recipe and this is the one I have loved using for the past few years. I use a bit more flour than most recipes call for which helps the loaf rise more instead of spreading out, resulting in a softer inside texture and most importantly, a taller, rounder loaf.  Continue reading…

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