Instant Pot – Why It’s One Of My Favorite Appliances and How I Use It

One of the kitchen appliances that has become a huge phenomenon since its introduction is the Instant Pot. I had heard so many things about it and after hearing all the incredible reviews, I decided to get one myself on Black Friday 2016 for a really great deal, after making a pro/con list and reading all the reviews, because that’s the kind of person I am:).

After using it just a few times, I knew that it would become of my favorite kitchen appliances and I was absolutely correct! I use it all the time and it really fits my cooking style. After almost 2 years, I still use it several times a week and find more and more ways to use it. I’ve posted a few recipes, but I also wanted to share all the different ways that I use it, how I adjust regular recipes to the Instant Pot, and some of my staple, simple recipes. Continue reading…

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