Buttermilk Pancakes Video

Since I started sharing some of my recipes in video form, I knew that one of the most important ones to add to my growing repertoire would have to be Buttermilk Pancakes. I make this so often for both my immediate family – my husband and boys love it, my siblings and parents, who have been enjoying this breakfast staple for at least 15 years and also our overnight visitors, who get to have breakfast when they are staying with us.

Pancakes are such an iconic breakfast; they are loved by both children and adults, picky eaters and foodies. I love that they reheat really well, so you can make a double portion and keep them in your refrigerator or freezer and then reheat in the toaster. This way, you can have a treat throughout the week, not just on the weekends. With all the tips that I share, you can have perfectly flavorful, golden brown and fluffy pancakes. Continue reading…

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