Using One Whole Chicken To Create Four Different Meals

I often buy whole chickens and create an entire menu plan around 1 chicken, using it in a variety of different ways to create 4-5 meals from one chicken. The meals are diverse enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re eating the same thing every day. In this case, I try to choose a bigger chicken, so I can get as much meat from one bird as possible.

This is definitely budget friendly since whole chickens are usually cheaper than buying chicken parts separately. If you’d rather not deal with cutting up the chicken into different parts, you can simply use this menu suggestion to buy the appropriate chicken parts and use chicken as your main protein for different weeks. This will also help your budget since chicken is usually less expensive than seafood or red meat.

However, if you’d rather not eat chicken day after day, you can cut a whole chicken into parts and freeze parts of it to be used later, either freezing raw chicken or cooked chicken. This way, you will have a plan on how to use the whole chicken, but at later dates. If you have a large family, use 2 whole chickens instead of one. Continue reading…

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